Grab (Uber equivalent in Thailand) doesn't accept Monzo

(Merve) #1

See the error attached. Probably down to Adyen. Worth checking?

(Jun Siang Cheah) #2

Not sure if there are going to be regional differences, but I tried adding my Monzo CA card to Grab (Malaysia) and seems to have worked fine.

Grab’s app opened up a “Adyen Validation” webpage which seemed to be the 3D Secure page.

(Jacq ) #3

Oh no! Sorry to hear this :pensive: Was this on the prepaid card or the current account?

(Merve) #4

It was on the prepaid card(beta). Not a problem at all, I have used a back up card. Thanks!

(Jacq ) #5

No worries! I believe they do have a bit of a problem with the prepaid card but it sounds as though the current account works fine :blush: