Cant register card with samsung pay+ wallet

Anyome having problems registering their monzo card with their samsung wallet Ive used it before but recently had to renew my card, now its asking for bank approval. I’m not getting a monzo notification to allow me permission to do so.

Any help or advice for samsung pay+ wallet.


Check your old card is removed from Samsung pay.

Failing that. Be sure your new card is active in the monzo app and ask monzo to remove the digital wallet token to start fresh.

Hi carlo. Ive spoke to monzo. Its not the yoken problem. Its yo do with domething else.

Thanks for your help and advice

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No probs, did they tell you what the problem was?

Just for future users who may search the forum if they have similar issues.

Monzo told me they put my account on hold because they saw something that doesnt happen with my previous transactions.

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