“gov.uk” scam email

Another day, another scam email attempt. I must say this is one of the better attempts I’ve seen at replicating a website to harvest details.

The email itself on the other hand is a bit of a failure. Pretty awful as well preying on people who may have received covid payments from gov over last year, can see some people maybe believing this.

:rotating_light: no I didn’t go any further or give any details, this is just a heads up :rotating_light:

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The payment is from you, not for you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I got the £500 payment and there was a text and letter, both saying it was automatic and it didn’t need to be claimed

So it is :sweat_smile: I just automatically read that in a way that made more sense in my head, and not how it’s actually written :joy:


Just noticed it says “payment of to all” at the start

I’m going to have to mark this attempt as 12% and fail them in their GCSE fraud exam


I have one of these via the phone about a month ago. I was having a quiet 5 minutes so I pressed 1 to talk to someone to see what lies they would spin and how I could mess with them. Then my work phone rang, so I hung up.

Obviously by pressing to connect, I’d gone into “This person believes us” pile and I must have got 30 more calls since then :frowning:


As an aside, gov.uk is likely one of the easier websites to replicate, as the Government Design System toolkit is open source, and available for anyone to use. They’re likely using genuine gov.uk components.


Please do forward the email to the National Cyber Security Centre at report@phishing.gov.uk

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