Hmrc scam?

Just got a text from 60886 saying it’s from hmrc and gives a code
Just deleted it, what’s it all about?

Did it give you a link to click?

If it just sent you a code, do you have 2-step verification on your account? Maybe someone managed to log into your HMRC online account but it needed a SMS code?

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It is exactly what you say. A scam.


No link in not sure as I deleted it
I don’t even know what hmrc is lol

It’s the tax people, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. They pay some benefits like tax credits

There’s a lot of hmrc scams so unless you’ve requested a government gateway online thing or Help To Save account then ignore it

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Ahhh I’d have googled that first!

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I don’t want to sound rude here @Venomx but why are you creating so many random topics with such vague details?

I don’t mind the amount and I’d be happy to help if you gave a decent amount of information but saying things like “I’ve got a text from HMRC what’s that about” - how on earth is anyone supposed to respond or help with that?

Other examples include “How do I return glasses to Specsavers”, “Why was my carphone warehouse order cancelled” and “Annoying Verucca” to name a few.

Again, I don’t want to come across as rude but you end up responding to lots of questions from people because you don’t give any detail. Surely it is quicker and easier for you to Google it or telephone these companies direct?


ok @Ordog I understand :smiley:

I just phoned up HMRC and the number is legit, however they believe it was a typo when someone tried to register