UK is the scam capital of the world!

Morning Monzos☺️ As talked about on Good Morning tv. Research states good old Blighty is the most scammed country. Thoughts please? Are brits too trusting? Has anyone NOT been scammed yet? (Online or offline).

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I’d be interested to see the research, I can’t imagine how we are worse than America as they have SO MANY more people and still use things like cheques regularly.


So far as I’m aware I’ve never been scammed.


52% of us believed a bus.

I’d also imagine whatever the research is, it’s probably dealing in percentages than volume of people. That’s how we’d beat (be worse than) America.


Go UK :uk: #1!


I didn’t think I’d ever been scammed, but then I remembered that I walked into Pret recently and actually handed over my money.


It’s surprising how many people believe if they send a bank transfer for goods and services they’re protected, when the odds of getting money back is very low with no guarantees, opposed to debit chargeback or section 75.

While frustrating for customers, systems used by banks do a good job at protecting customers money.

Personally feel there should be more thorough questioning other than the scam warning in apps to prevent fraud and scams happening. Along with more informational screens IE advanced fee scams, paying xyz up front for a loan etc.

Fraudsters and scammers are getting smarter and sadly prey on the elderly. Impersonation stuff like going to a customers door pretending to be the police or bank staff to get customers cards and pin numbers to fleece them. How do we fix that as a society without breaching customer privacy or harassing them with emails and letters.

It’s a tough one and will forever be an issue.


The only way I can see of fixingthings - or at least making them better - would be to slow everything down. Have perhaps some kind of escrow or cooling off system, so that when you realise you’ve been scammed, you have time to report the scam and claim the money back before it reaches the scammers 's account.

Of course, this would go entirely against the long-standing trend towards making payments easier an faster.

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Never been scammed, to my knowledge, unless you count the time that EDF tried to charge me £2500 for gas and electricity that I hadn’t used :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just happy we’ve come 1st in something as a country…