Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL

(Simon B) #101

There will almost certainly be some good deals on Black Friday next month.


I just ordered a white Pixel 3 (small one) spent a good 40 mins negotiating a decent deal with EE…

Hope it’s good.

(Jack) #103



  • Loving what they’ve done with the software and pushing “Ok Google” even further with Google Duplex. Most improvements these days seem to come from AI/Software.
  • The wide angle front camera is a good addition I can see apple trying to copy this at some point.
  • Yay wireless charging!


  • I thought they’d at least try to include Face ID with the notch design but they haven’t (I don’ think)?
  • That notch on the 3XL needs a diet, it’s huge!


That’s a weird one - I love FaceID sometimes… and hate it at others, so I wouldn’t be massively upset to lose it.

Google are definitely ahead with the AI/Google Assistant type stuff - A little jealous of all that.

The Hub looks completely pointless to me - I’m never in one room enough to justify it, and my phone does all of that stuff anyway.

I liked this - Not that I take many selfies… Or visit the Grand Canyon to justify it… But it looked good.

(Richard) #105

Just seen it for the first time… did they take inspiration from a child armed with crayola’s? :no_mouth:


Pop a different launcher on it and you will hardly notice Oxygen :slight_smile: (although saying that its not actually that bad compared to many other launchers!)

(Kolok) #107

What deal did you get ?


Yeah I prefer Oxygen to Samsung UI any day. I think i still own the paid version of NovaLauncher from when I had a Huawei phone. Might install it on my Pixel and see if i still get on with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nova is great and I have been using that for quite some time now. Not sure if you will like but these days my main launcher is Microsoft Launcher on OnePlus 6. It’s really works well for me.

I still have Nova as my 2nd launcher though :smiley:

(Patrick) #110

The monthly price on contract is irrelevant for me. I loved the original Pixel but I really didn’t want to be on EE so eventually ditched it.

Now that it should work on Vodafone (where I have a SIM only contract) for WiFi calling, which is required for me, I can go back to the Pixel.

Not interested at all in the XL. I will be getting the regular.


10gig including USA etc.

£48, nothing upfront.

The main thing for me is that I was paying £20.50 a month for some only 10gig so the extra 27.50 I have to pay now x24 is less than 740.

(👨‍💻) #112

Question is:

Is it long enough for a £869 phone?


I’m ok with three years. Two years was too short, three years is ok but more would be better.

Saying that, I can’t remember the last time I owned a phone for over 3 years.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #114

Pixel 3 XL out for delivery :tada::pray: Will share some unboxing photos here & on Slack :grin:

(Bradley 🐬) #115

Was going to swap my X in for the 3 XL but I jjsy can’t do without iMessage :weary:

(Patrick) #116

Has anyone got their’s yet? Mine arrived yesterday…

It’s got a pink tint on the top half of the screen. Very annoying - probably going to return it today.


I got mine yesterday. The screen is pretty spot on, no tints or colours when viewed from an angle. I can’t trigger any sound distortion through the speakers either :+1:

(Patrick) #118

Is this the XL? I’ve got the regular.


It’s the XL.

(Patrick) #120

Yeah, the XL has a Samsung screen.

I’ve never liked big phones, I might go into a shop and have a feel of the XL - see if I can get used to it.

I have a feeling that if I just swap out the regular Pixel I’ll end up with the same problem on a new one.