Pixel 3 / 3 XL : Review embargo lifted

Reviews should start coming in thick and fast!


Google is at the top of its game when it comes to hardware. While hardware may only be a queer little sideline for the company, it has never rolled out better devices. This phone is amazing. The operating system is amazing. There are a few apps on the iPhone that I wish this Pixel 3 had (FaceTime, for example) but overall I strongly prefer this device to the new iPhone

The few reviews I’ve seen are generally positive although not about the notch! I do agree with the majority of reviews I’ve seen though, not worth the upgrade for pixel 2 xl owners unless you really want to have the “newest” phone

An A+ rating from display mate, I guess LG has learned a thing or two from last year.


I’m really, really tempted by this. It looks like an excellent phone. But I’m just so deep in the Apple ecosystem right now.

I had the Pixel 2 XL for quite a while and just never found myself using it as much as I’d have liked to since it was such a hassle to switch…maybe next year :thinking:


I’d really like to go for a Pixel, but I’ve got a Motorola that has a 5.7 inch screen - and so I feel quite comfortable with that screen size. I don’t fancy going for the 3XL because of the notch, so that leaves the 3 which has a screen size of 5.5 inches. I guess going down from 5.7 to 5.5 is hardly anything, right? And there’s always the Pixel 2XL which is cheaper and isn’t much bigger than 5.7 (it’s a 6 inch screen, I believe?).

Hmm, decisions…

Very much in the same camp as you. The hardware polish isn’t quite there for me to switch just yet. I I currently have a 6S+ and next year will be when I upgrade so we’ll see, it could be the case I switch.

I’ve seen that the Google pixel had a dongle that transfers files over from iOS to the pixel. I wondered if you have done that? or isn’t as good as it sounds?

im currently using a Samsnug Galaxy 6+ Edge and an iPhone 7, seriously considering getting the XL to replace the Samsung…

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It does! But for me, iMessage and a few other services are a big lock in to iOS - as much as I wish they weren’t :grimacing:


May have to give this one try, last few android phones have all been Samsungs but would good to go ‘proper’ Android and try a google phone.


I’m looking forward to Pixel 4 with the underscreen camera and underscreen fingerprint like the Mi 8 / Oppo R17 and Vivo phones already have. Get rid of any notch/chin nonsense.

I read an ifixit article this morning saying they’re Samsung screens (in the XL at least).

Google now manufacture the phones ‘themselves’. (Foxcon - same as Apple/iphones)

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