Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL

(Jordan Taylor) #81

Don’t forget the cashback from Quidco or TopCashback too :grinning: another reliable provider is mobilephonesdirect who do cashback on top making the bill nicer!

(Patrick) #82

I got over excited and posted in the inactive thread.

So glad that it’s on all networks now!

I’m assuming it’s still a centralised, single, from Google version of the firmware, iPhone style. So that I can buy it direct from Google, put my SIM in and have everything work.

100% getting the regular Pixel 3 if this is the case!

(Jordan Taylor) #83

That should be the case and any network specific optimisations are usually bundled into the update for everyone. This is evident from the change logs they publish when releasing a new update.
So yes, no nasty branding or delayed updates :slight_smile:


£64 a month? My pixel 1 is £32 a month on Vodafone through, 12gb data, unlimited calls and texts, and I got one of those daydream headsets (and obviously cashback), the 24 month contract ends in November, I can’t justify £64 a month though


The pixel 3 XL only has a 2915 battery apparently according to Google website.


Strange that it’s the same as the 3, maybe they’ve forgotten to add the XL?


“Battery size increased on the Pixel 3 to 2915mAh, but dropped slightly on the 3 XL to 3450mAh.”


Price is too high for the rate they want you to buy new phones. Seems like another year of me sticking with my iPhone 6s Plus unless the new One Plus 6T is any good

(👨‍💻) #89

I read that the one plus series will have a price bump as well. We will have to see, but these smartphones have turned into a huge investment these days.

I liked the look of the Pixel, but not enough to spend 700 or 800 hundred pounds.


I’m sure it probably will, seeing as it’s the new “norm” to try and get customers to part with near 1k every year for a phone. Personally I refuse to spend more than £650 and will only do that if I can get 3-4 years of updates for it, just don’t think it’s worth the investment otherwise

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I have the same principles. I have owned Apple since the 3GS and I have always brought the flagship or thereabouts when I finally brought my phone. My last phone was the 6s in 2016. When I brought that it was around 500 pounds, which seemed like a good prospect at the time.

Now that Apple is offering lots of phones, all of which don’t fit my needs, I’m on the lookout again. I was hopeful the pixel might be the phone this year to part with my cash, but it’s not going to happen.


I couldn’t have said this better myself. The Pixel and iPhones are now more about a fashion statement in my opinion than being a phone. Half the cost is for the “brand”

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I have just noticed that John Lewis is selling the Pixel this year!! That’s new.

Rightly or wrongly, I always liked the support I got from John Lewis when I did buy any of my tech!


I might get a OnePlus 6, more ram, more storage, less notch and a whole lot cheaper. Just a shame about Oxygen OS


One Plus is starting to seem like the only brand of “flagship” not adding an excessive amount due to their “brand”. Saying that, this’ll be the year they do that :joy:

(Simon B) #96

John Lewis are also the only UK physical retailer who sell the Google Home Max so they evidently have a relationship with Google :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom ) #97

That is the ugliest of all the notches.

Sticking with my iPhone 6S for another year.


No pixel has been a beautiful phone but my god the 3XL is ugly. I’ll wait and see for a Pixel 4 I think, save some money.

(Brandon Billingham) #99

Neither the iPhone XS or the Pixel 3 interest me this year sadly. Like others it’ll be another year the 6S which is still working great.


I’m very ready to switch back to Pure Google Android but I can’t really justify increasing the already pricey 48 a month contract on my S7 Edge that ends this month. Aside from the dire battery and smashed screen, my S7 is chugging along so I guess I’ll see if any deals pop up.