Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #121

Super nice phone! :sunglasses:

I don’t mind the notch at all (first notched phone I’ve owned)! It’s definitely a lovely phone, even more so than the Pixel 2XL it replaces :see_no_evil:

Here’s some photos :grin:

(Patrick) #122

Here’s mine:

I’m well pee’d off at Google.

I’ve got the wireless charger stand arriving today - Not sure what to do. Risk getting another Pixel, get the XL. Or ditch it altogether and stick with my S9 until the S10 comes out.

The regular Pixel 3 is the absolute perfect phone too. I loved it. But I’m not putting up with a dodgy screen in an £800+ phone.

I have a terrible feeling that if I go get another regular Pixel then it’ll be the same…

(Simon B) #123

As someone who used to work at Dixons Carphone… I should let you know that one of those seemingly random number strings on that receipt is the reference for this specific transaction and any present employee there could pull up all of your personal details based on that image.

Just a personal data heads up :+1:

Sorry that happened with your Pixel… They can probably do an instant in store swap? If you tell them you’d like to check the screen quality of the replacement first, they will likely do that for you.

(Patrick) #124

There are none in stock anywhere to get today!

I think I might just send back the charging stand and wait for the S10 - I’ve never, ever had any quality problem with Samsung.


On a side note, as someone who used to work at Dixons Carphone, is there anything on the receipt that has the serial number of the phone that was sold? If you had a receipt for a Pixel from Carphone but the Pixel was from John Lewis say, would they be able to notice it wasn’t the same phone you were getting a refund for?

This sounds dodgier than it is, I basically need a phone this weekend and Currys have managed to completely mess up, so I need to buy one from elsewhere and get a refund when the other one turns up.

(Simon B) #126

No, the phone IMEI itself isn’t on the receipt, but the identifying purchase number will pull up all the info on the system.


So they’ll notice that it’s not the phone they sold me?

(Simon B) #128

Yes. And trying to return them stock that isn’t what they sold to you is considered attempted fraud and I would not recommend it.

What’s the actual issue with what you’ve bought?


I bought a phone using vouchers at currys online, they delivered the wrong product to store and have taken a week to return and process it. They’ve now decided to post new vouchers out which will another week but I’m going away and need the phone before going away.
It’s my fault for leaving it last minute and their for having a prehistoric internal system.

(Patrick) #130

I think the IMEI number is on the receipt now - I’d look, but I’ve lost it. There is a long number in brackets after the item name that looks like an IMEI.


Anyway ignore me, I was just trying to work out how to not be left with a load of Currys vouchers.

I’m not sure I can get over that notch, it’s just so deep.

(Simon B) #132

Ah yes, you’re right. Actually it’s always been there - but it’s a different receipt to the one you posted, which is the card payment receipt from the till roll. It’s the full receipt that’s usually on A4 and has your name/address on it.


I’ve been using mine quiet heavily for the last 24hrs and I’ve already moved from ‘WTF IS THIS!?’ to ‘I forgot it had a notch’ whenever somebody mentions it.


EE delayed mine. Ordered white.

Today I cancelled it and ordered a Mate20 Pro. That’ll teach Google! Just hope I can recreate the Google Launcher on it…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #135

I’ve had 3 people at work ask me when I got the new iPhone :joy::man_facepalming: Not even as a troll… People (that I know) see a notch and associate it with the iPhone X series :confused:

So I went along with it for a bit just to mess with them :innocent: Didn’t take long before they realised it was an Android phone :stuck_out_tongue:

(Patrick) #136

I’ve re-ordered, from the Google Store this time - even though delivery is longer.

Fingers crossed!

#137 is the one I use

(👨‍💻) #138

£40 reduction on both models on the John Lewis website :+1:

(Gavin) #139

Are Google Pixel phones any good

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