Google Pixel Discussion

Well it’s not all about new Apples today. The Pixel 8 is going to be launched on 4th Oct

I am surprised how popular the Pixel range is now, I see a lot more Pixel phones around nowadays. I do miss the Nexus range though.

Anyone planning to upgrade?


Probably not to a Px8, but if I get the opportunity to go PxFold, I’m in.

Depends on the pricing really, I’d be looking to upgrade from my 6.

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I’m always rooting for Pixel to be as big as Samsung/Apple and I think it’s doing well recently. I went to a surprise birthday party last weekend and 4 people had some variation of the Pixel 7/7 Pro/7a which was nice to see.

Been a big Nexus/Pixel fan previously myself, had the Nexus 5 + 6 and the Pixel 1, 2, 2+, 3a, 4 and tried the 7 Pro briefly last year.

I switched from an iPhone to a Pixel 6A toward the back end of last year. I’ve been very happy with it, and despite being midrange I’m sure it could easily last me 2-3 additional years.

However, I also got a Samsung tablet around the same time, and there are a couple of features in OneUI that I’m keen on having on my phone, so may switch to a Samsung phone soon.

I do miss the dual apps feature that others have, when I go back to Pixels. I know there’s often ways around if, but if you have a dual SIM phone, it’s a handy feature to have.