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Well it’s not all about new Apples today. The Pixel 8 is going to be launched on 4th Oct

I am surprised how popular the Pixel range is now, I see a lot more Pixel phones around nowadays. I do miss the Nexus range though.

Anyone planning to upgrade?


Probably not to a Px8, but if I get the opportunity to go PxFold, I’m in.

Depends on the pricing really, I’d be looking to upgrade from my 6.

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I’m always rooting for Pixel to be as big as Samsung/Apple and I think it’s doing well recently. I went to a surprise birthday party last weekend and 4 people had some variation of the Pixel 7/7 Pro/7a which was nice to see.

Been a big Nexus/Pixel fan previously myself, had the Nexus 5 + 6 and the Pixel 1, 2, 2+, 3a, 4 and tried the 7 Pro briefly last year.

I switched from an iPhone to a Pixel 6A toward the back end of last year. I’ve been very happy with it, and despite being midrange I’m sure it could easily last me 2-3 additional years.

However, I also got a Samsung tablet around the same time, and there are a couple of features in OneUI that I’m keen on having on my phone, so may switch to a Samsung phone soon.

I do miss the dual apps feature that others have, when I go back to Pixels. I know there’s often ways around if, but if you have a dual SIM phone, it’s a handy feature to have.

So any hype here for the 8/8 Pro? If the 8 Pro comes with the Pixel Watch 2 I will probably sell it to offset the cost. I got a new gen 1 Pixel Watch last weekend for £130 and I’m perfectly happy with it so would be nice to offset the cost a little.

I have Google One top tier so get 10% credit back on Google Store orders, might pick up some new straps for my Watch.

Had the pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5 and 7 myself.

Loved my 3a, 4 and 5, sent the 7 back due to the poor fingerprint scanner.

Really tempted to get the 8 as I see it’s a smaller screen compared to the 7.

Never understood the fingerprint scanner complaints on the 7 series, I had the 7 Pro for a bit and it was perfectly fine, same on my Wife’s 7a.

I don’t know if updates eventually fixed or made the scanner work better but at the start it was horrific with or without a screen protector.

I feel like the scanner on the back of the Pixel 5 has been the best on any phone I’ve had.

I had my 7 Pro in December so not sure if things were fixed by then.

There were some issues at the start, but after an update, and redoing your prints, most of the issues went away.

I would like to see Google allow dual apps and sort out RCS for dual SIMs though.


Google Pixel 8/8 Pro Impressions: Software Magic! - YouTube

Ordered the black 8 Pro with free watch!


I’m still on the fence, on HotUKDeals the best deal is the 8 on ID mobile 100gb it’s 660 or so over 2 years factoring in cashback and rough inflation, but I’m not sure if want to put up with 3 signal, other networks are considerably more.

Last year they offered free LTE version, now WiFi only :pensive:
£1179 for 512GB version… slightly overpriced I think?

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Bitched out and cancelled. Think I’d miss the fold4 too much and I’m happy with my gen 1 watch. Should wait for the Pixel Fold 2 really.

And the new pricing seems way too much, hopefully won’t see a raise for the Fold 2 pricing.


Just updating my Pixel 7 Pro so back in about 4 hours :grinning: No idea why Pixels always take so long to apply updates.

Music Magpie will give me £410 for it, so may go for an upgrade. :crazy_face:


I’m a lunatic, just pre-ordered again lmao.