Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL


I actually love the squeezable sides. I didn’t think I’d use it but I do and pretty frequently. Makes me a little less silly saying okay Google :grin:


Interesting colours just wish the front of the phone matched colour wise.


I use the squeeze in the house when I don’t want the Google Homes taking over the request :blush:


I’ve spent most of the year saving up to get the Pixel 3 but as time goes by I’m more and more interested in getting a dual SIM phone so I don’t have to carry my work phone around with me everywhere. There’s been no mention of the Pixel 3 being dual SIM so I’m not sure what I’m going to do :neutral_face:


That’s always been the limiting factor for me. I had the OnePlus One, 2 and 3 but stopped using them as they were no longer the cheap flagship alternative that they started out as.

I’m now on a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and find it great.

I’d like to go with a native Google phone, or Android One, but needing dual SIM definitely restricts choices. I also don’t want an eSIM device.

It’s odd how many manufacturers make their UK phones single SIM. My wife bought her Nokia 7 Plus from Amazon Germany as the European version is dual SIM, but the UK version is single SIM.


How can Google allow so many leaks? It must be coming from the top!

The massive notch and chin don’t look as good as some of the other flagship Android phones - Looks like the camera is still good though.

(Simon B) #67

Jon Prosser aka “front page tech” on YouTube claims to have correspondence from within Google saying the leaks are deliberate. Makes sense to me.


Isn’t there a theory doing the rounds that these leaks are deliberate misinformation and that the actual handsets will be notchless - or significant more aesthetically pleasing than what we’re expecting?

(Simon B) #69

I don’t think there’s any kind of secret phone. I think the leaks are deliberate though.


It would make sense, but I have a feeling the phones will actually be that displeasing to the eye!

Maybe the accurate leaks are to get people used to it :joy:


I think you receive the with the dilebrate leak. I think apple do the same too.


According the computer in Currys the preorder date was 10th in store and on sale 1st November…I hope it changes and that 1st is just a default date…

(Simon B) #73

All aboard the hype train!


Do you think they’ll still be able to shock you with anything that hasn’t leaked?

Apple have tried this a few times, and it’s always fell flat when the leaks are all accurate, and there isn’t a anything we don’t already know.

It’s a shame it happens, but it’s a little inevitable these days!


No watches :frowning:

The most expensive 3xl is still under £1000 though which is good!

(Kolok) #76

I’m annoyed that the free YouTube music/premium subscription offers with the new devices are for new subscribers only, the free 6 months which is £60 off my bill was probably gonna push me to buy a pixel 3 , but now I dunno,

But impressive work from Google, the slate looks particularly good.
Just seen they are offering the slate with some serious hardware like the Intel i7 .

(Simon B) #77

Surely you could just activate the offer on another account :grinning:

(Kolok) #78

But then my playlists and suggested music based on my YouTube watch history would be gone, but I’d probably end up doing that.

(Jordan Taylor) #79

Think I’ll stick with my 2XL since most of the software features will make it this way. Don’t care about wireless charging as I only charge overnight and my car uses Android Auto over USB. Also it’s either go too big, or smaller than what the 2XL is now, with a drop in PPI or having an ugly notch!
I’ll probably wait and see what arrives with the 4th generation and then take it from there.

Also, the night light feature (or whatever it was named) looks wicked!


I’m on a first gen with now poor battery life, so my choice is a 2, 3 or something completely different.

Hopefully a network provider, or carphone warehouse bundles it with a watch :stuck_out_tongue: