Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL

(Richard) #41

Not really for the second user though. I imagine a lot of us sell their phones after - those users aren’t getting the benefit of software updates. Things like that also affect resale value so ultimately it does affect the first user.

Ultimately my kids have a £220 iPad Mini 2 that still gets updates and that was bought in 2013.

Google really does need to set an example on this. Not only that but as a web developer we still have to test in Android 4.4 because of the lack of updates and the popularity of that that version. It would be nice to see things move forward and it does seem to be at least one of the reason people make a switch from Android.

(Simon B) #42

No leak on the Pixel Watch yet, but lots of rumors around it. Just over a month until the Google hardware event so I expect there will be a few more leaks over the next couple of weeks.

I suspect the 3 years of updates could have something to do with Qualcomm. The only Nexus device that used an Intel chip instead of a Qualcomm (the Nexus Player) was (I think) supported for longer than the Qualcomm based Nexus devices that came out around the same time, although I may be misremembering. I know there was conflict around Qualcomm refusing to provide updated drivers past a certain point at one point.

The point being, Google can only exert as much control as can be agreed with the hardware partners, which is a problem Apple don’t have.

It’s a false equivalence anyway - since Android doesn’t rely on traditional OS updates compared to iOS. Huge parts of Android are decoupled into things like Google Play Services, even core parts of the software like the Dialer and Contacts etc get updated through the Play Store.

(Richard) #43

While this may have been the case in the past, since Android version 8 the OS has been separated from the the hardware/device drivers by something Google called project treble. I’m guessing this is the reason Google went from 2 to 3 years worth of updates.

Device partners can no longer take the blame for any delays in updates.

(Simon B) #44

Yep, I know all about Treble, but it only applies to devices that shipped with Oreo or later. So only devices released in the last 10 months.

(Ravi) #45

Applies to my Pixel XL but Google aren’t extending support for that. Would have been a great chance to show the benefits of treble.

(Simon B) #46

Pixel XL shipped with Nougat, not Oreo.

(Ravi) #47

I know. But the the Pixel is still treble enabled.

(Richard) #48

Yep this is true. Any device first shipping with version 8 had to have Treble implemented but there are a few older devices around that also have it enabled.

The original Pixel will be the test if Google are going to religiously stick to their guaranteed update policy or hopefully keep on updating for a realistic period after.

(Simon B) #49

Perhaps there will be some sort of announcement on this regard at the hardware event!

(Ravi) #50

I think OnePlus have retroactively enabled the 5T & 5. And they committed to three years of updates.

Fingers crossed more will follow.

(Brian Hunter) #51

It is also no guaranteed, might still get updates. My old Acer C720 chromebook is still getting fill ChromeOS updates (albeit without android apps).

I agree that a lot of people will keep hardware over three years, but they will do that anyway regardless if it’s getting updates or not. My mum’s phone and tablet haven’t had an update in god knows how long. She’s just happy to wait for the next hand-me-down to come her way. Her tablet is either Android Jellybean or KitKat. Doesn’t bother her in the slightest.

(Simon B) #52

The Pixel 3 (non XL) has now leaked too! No notch on this one.

(Simon B) #53

Looks like the colours are Black, White and Mint.

The Mint one looks really nice :heart_eyes:

(James Murray-Ferris) #54

There is a rumor that the notch and chin won’t actually be there and Google has intentionally been giving out the leaks with the notches and everything.

Caught a YouTube video on the theory the other day…

I think I’ll be making the swap though from iPhone to Android as I’m just board of what Apple produced so it’s time for a change I think.

(Tom ) #55

I will never accept a notch.

(👨‍💻) #56

I’m excited about the new Pixel XL for the same reason. Apple’s new phones are dull and all look the same. I just hope the pixel will be reasonably priced.

(James Murray-Ferris) #57

If you watch more of the front page tech on the day after that episode he talks about images leaked without notches as well sooooooo you may not have to accept a notch



Will be interesting to see.

(Simon B) #60

Looks like there’s a baby pink one on the way!