Google's October 9th Event

It’s 6 days away and I’m getting pretty excited for the Pixel 3 (XL)…

Anyone going to be preordering the new phones? I wonder if we’ll see any hardware that hasn’t been leaked…


I might get the new Chromecast, as long as it stays at the same price point. I have a Smart TV, but interested in having something that links with the Google Home.

I just hope they ditch EE as the exclusive (phone network) allowed to sell the Pixels. So that you can get one fully working on any network.

If they do that, then I’ll have one on release day. If not, then I’ll stick with Samsung and wait for the S10.

As for Chromecast, we have two of the original ones and our main TV has one built in that supports 4K. I don’t know how they could improve it - They’re the best thing I’ve ever bought.

I really hope they don’t go making it into an Apple/Amazon type thing with menus and whatnot. The fact that it’s so simple and has no GUI of it’s own is what makes it so brilliant.

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Do they not fully work on other networks?? What sort of things don’t work??

I’m going to be new to android in the coming months and was thinking that the pixel could be the phone for me.

I usually buy my phones sim free.

I’m hoping for a new google home similar price to the amazon Echo.

I don’t think they are refreshing the home mini though as they recently released a new mint colour.

Regarding the phones I was going to hold off on getting the new iPhone until I’d seen the pixel 3 but unfortunately I got too excited and ended up ordering the XS.

Maybe next time pixel :sweat_smile:

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WiFi calling and VoLTE will only work on EE.

Plus you might not get full speed 4G+ when it’s not on EE.


I’m happy with my p20 pro so the phone has no interest for me, but I will be interested in Chromecast

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Oh ok. I’ve left EE a while ago now, so WiFi calling is something I’ve not missed.

I’m on giffgaff :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so fast 4G speeds aren’t something I’ve ever had :+1:

That’s really down to the carriers… three for example will only support wifi calling on phones that they sell, so my old nexus 6p could do it if I’d bought it from them as I didn’t it wouldn’t. Never missed it though… the time I did use it (on an iphone) the quality was so poor I kept having to repeat myself as nobody could hear me.

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I need WiFi calling and to an extent VoLTE, where I live. The signal is weak in some places near me and only 4G is available.

I also lose all signal when I enter my house. This is on all networks - so I’m screwed at home without WiFi calling and VoLTE.

I’m not aware of them ever being locked or exclusive to a particular carrier. My Pixel 2XL was bought SIM-free.

Three sent me a device to plug into my router which means I never lose mobile signal while at home without the need for WiFi calling.

They aren’t locked. All Pixel phones are sold unlocked. But all the networks block these features on phones not bought from them.

They claim it’s a compatibility issue (it isn’t).

Things are getting a little bit better with WiFi calling as some phones are now universally allowed to use it but you’re still screwed of you rely on VoLTE and buy a SIM free phone.


That sounds like a good device. Did you have to pay for this? Cost?

O2 are teasing on their Facebook page that Google and o2 have some exciting news to share on October 9th so you might get your wish :wink:


No cost. It belongs to them, so technically you are only borrowing it. It’s just a small box that plugs into your router, only works on the Three numbers that are registered on it.

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Android TV you mean? :smile:

Personally hoping for a secret Android TV box but doubt it. Keeping an eye on Pixels and deciding wether to replace my S7, I could use an extra 30+ quid a month from ending my contract but on the other hand a new non smashed screen phone…

Even with the built in one on Android TV you can ignore everything else and cast to it as if it were a regular Chromecast.

Right, I get what you mean now :+1:t2:

This event can’t come any sooner! :eyes: Really eager to get more info on the phones :smile: (despite 99% of the details being leaked already…)

The Pixel stand looks quite cool! :eyes: Really hope the leaks are true and the “Pixel 3 Ultra” exists :joy:
But if not… I guess I’ll just have to empty my wallet for the Pixel 3XL :see_no_evil: