Google Pay when Phone Locked


I can’t get this to work and Google claim the only reason it wouldn’t work is because the bank don’t allow it.

The transactions have been under £30

Please can I get some clarity?

So just to clarify.

The screen has to be awake, just not unlocked. Are you doing this?


I want to say yes, yet it wouldn’t surprise me if I hadn’t! I will try again later today to be certain.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know this was possible. Always assumed the phone had to be unlocked!

Cheers for the heads-up!

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I’m pretty sure that the phone being awake doesn’t work either - I need to test! :face_with_monocle:

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On specifically Android Pay, you can pay for things under £30 when locked. I’ve not had an Android phone that supported Android Pay (or rather not been blocked from Android Pay), but I am fully aware it exists. Would be interesting if it’s blocked on the bank side.

Ahhh just read the article that @brandscill linked to.

It’s this part that is too vague, so it is probably best unlocking your phone everytime? :thinking:

There is going to be a spike in unnecessary purchases over the next few hours while everyone tests if this works!

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Sure. Just be nice to not. I’ve not had it work once (albeit that is maybe because I didn’t wake the screen)

Ahhhh you’d like to pay without unlocking - I miss-understood.

Not sure I’d like that, it seems very insecure :grimacing:

Granted it’s only like contactless on your card but my wallet blocks RFID so I’m protected from unauthorised transactions such as people “bumping” into me.

I’ve never seen it work… always assumed the tills blocked it.

I don’t think the tills can block it, either NFC is present or it’s not I expect.

Okay, just tried in ASDA for £8 and had to unlock phone for it to work. Nothing happened with phone simply awake but locked.

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It definitely works, I used it on my Pixel 2 XL a few weeks ago. Is Google Pay definitely set at the tap and pay provider?

Sorry, what do you mean?

Possibly, but that doesn’t tally with the inconsistent reports of it working. I mean it could be it works on certain brands (definitely never worked on my pixel 2) but I’m not convinced otherwise it would probably be better known and people would just say ‘oh you need a samsung for that’… so I’m thinking certain tills can tell it’s mobile and insist the phone is unlocked first.

Worked for me in Sainsburys. phone locked but awake. Huawei P30

It needs to be the default mobile wallet.

For example, if you previously used Samsung Pay, as you used a bank card supported by that feature (which I wish Monzo did), then Google Pay would not be the active wallet.

Does that make sense? :thinking:

I’ve never had a phone require being unlocked for purchases under £30. Just required the screen to be on