Google Pay not working

(Simon Taylor) #1

Hi There just wandering, im new to Monzo and when i tried to link it to Gpay it said it can be used in shops as my phone is not rooted or something, has anyone else had this problem and if so how do i fix it.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

Please re–read this, it doesn’t make any sense at the moment.


I believe by default if you choose to root your phone then you can’t use google pay on it and you need to use workarounds to prevent google pay from being disabled


Depends on how you root it. I’ve used gpay on my rooted phone but if you’re not technically minded or are not willing to follow a step by step tutorial, you’re probably better off not rooting, tough sometimes it’s needed

(Simon Taylor) #5

Sorry, i get What your saying, it wont let me use Gpay, i get a message saying i cant use it in shops


No need for sorry. I understood your first post and I apologise on behalf of the pedantic types that frequent this place.

It seems Google Pay thinks your phone operating system has been modified and is therefore not secure enough for financial transactions.

(Simon Taylor) #7

Thank you, and it used to work fine with my old Halifax account, the only thing i can think of is that ive just recently got the Beta of android pie on my Samsung Note 8 and wonder if it could be that.


I suspect that running a beta version of the operating system is causing your problems. For more information google SafeteyNet. There used to be an app to check your phone/os compatibility in the play store.


Yeah I’m on the beta too. Google Pay won’t work until the full version is released. It won’t work on any beta firmware.

(Simon Taylor) #11

Thats Awesome Thank you for your help with this.

(Gareth) #12

What’s strange is, when I put the Pie Beta on my Galaxy S9 Plus, it worked for 2 payments then stopped.

Now I have the stable version it works fine again :sunglasses:

(Simon Taylor) #13

Ah Damn that sucks but im glad to hear im not the only one and that it will sort its self out. Thank you for your Help with this.