Disable Google Pay when phone is locked

(Will Pimblett) #1

I noticed recently that Google Pay works when my phone is locked (I believe under the £30 normal limit). I do not want this. Have been searching through the settings and googling this, seems to be no option to disable.

Anyone had any luck with disabling Android Pay when the phone is locked?

(Kolok) #2

I don’t think there is a way, what phone do you have, what android is it running?


Yeah it’s a feature. Does only allow a ‘limited’ amount of times (whatever that means 3, 5, 10 ?) before it asks for unlock.


I haven’t tested this myself but on Pixel phones if you hold the power button you get a ‘lockdown’ option which disables the fingerprint sensor and possibly NFC.
Worth a try!

(Will Pimblett) #6

OnePlus running latest oxygen (Android 9), only thing I can think of is if I could automate NFC turning off and on with unlocks but even that is accessible in the quick settings drawer.

(Will Pimblett) #7

Sadly not an option on my phone

(Kolok) #8

Was going to say it could prob be turned back on in the quick settings, but you should be able to remove the tile.

If you’re rooted you can use automate to turn it off when device is locked, but if you aren’t rooted apparently tasker can do it, but I haven’t checked.


I think it depends on the OS version you have on the phone when I had 7.0 the phone didn’t need to be unlocked to use android pay however in 8 and 9 you need to unlock the phone before android pay can before I can use it

(Simon B) #10

I’ve just noticed this myself. Is this new in Android Q or was it there on Pie and I never noticed?

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I’m on 9 w/ P3XL & don’t have it. :thinking:

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #12

Pretty sure Android 9 Pie has it :grin:

You need to enable it in the settings first @tbowditch, if you search for “lockdown” it should let you enable it and then it’ll appear in your power menu :raised_hands:


Ah yep, got it!

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(Dan Mullen) #14

AFAIK there is no way to disable this, unless that lockdown option above does it. When you think about it, being able to make small payments with a locked phone is no different to being able to do it with a contactless card. Probably why they implemented it that way.

I don’t think lockdown will disable it - it just turns off fingerprint unlocking, lockscreen notifications and smart lock functionality.


It’s on Pie and I had to enable it :blush:

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(Ravi) #16

I’d say this is a feature. Having just switched to iPhone, it annoys me no end that I have to Touch ID for minor payments.

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I prefer it this way (on iPhone). I find Face ID (and Touch ID) so easy that I prefer the added security of this. One of the things I like about having my phone with me to pay for stuff instead of the contactless physical card.

Any time I need to do a transaction where I need that extra half-second taken off the time it takes to pay, I’ll just pre-authorise the payment on my iPhone beforehand.

Good example being when I go to London and use the underground and there’s lots of people in a rush behind me, I don’t want to be the annoying one where something goes wrong at the gates (not the word I’m looking for haha??) when I’m trying to tap in, so I’ll authorise Apple Pay on my way over to it.

(Tony Hoyle) #18

I’ve never managed to get android pay to work locked on my pixel 2… it may be till dependent. Asda won’t even acknowledge the phone is there until it’s unlocked.

Lock down doesn’t appear to be NFC related. The description says ‘turns off smart lock, fingerprint unlocking and notifications on the lock screen’.

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(TWM) #19

So if my phone is stolen who picks up the tab on the ??? Number of dodgy transaction, is it Monzo, Google Pay or poor old me, I appreciate it is possibly my fault for losing my phone but the difficulty in cancelling your phone is somewhat harder than pausing your card, I’d like to think the Monzo could set a limit of 3 X £30 transaction before a finger print or pin is required.

I’m sure that soon the criminals that get caught will be in court on charges of mobile phone theft and index finger amputation.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #20

Don’t forget you’d have to lose your finger, face or pass code too :rofl: but if it works without then it would be just like losing your physical card.

I believe that there is a limit in place already for contactless transactions by mastercard. After so many it will ask you to put your card in the machine and enter your pin instead.

(TWM) #21

No, that’s my point, with Google pay you don’t need to unlock the phone, you just need to waken it, so a tap on the screen to make it light up and you can buy whatever you want that’s under £30…:thinking::thinking::thinking: