Google Pay now requiring fingerprint authentication frequently

How do I turn the frequency of this down, or turn it off altogether? It’s very irritating, I got asked 3 times in one day on Saturday, and one time it didn’t even work. The whole point of NFC is to be convenient.

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I think that’s only in apps, I think Google has intentionally changed the settings to require authentication before NFC payment.

Personally I don’t see the issue, unlock your phone and pay.

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You’re supposed to be able to turn off verification for public transport but it doesn’t seem to work for me on my Xiaomi 14 Ultra with TfL readers. Is it just me, my phone or others have the same issue?

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Google changed this recently, so the phone needs to be unlocked before NFC payments; it’s a Google thing, not a Monzo thing.

You have to add the card as a travel card to allow it to work on the tube etc without the verification.

That’s not how I read that page? It also won’t let you add a credit card as a travel card for TfL.

According to the Google page, you can add debit or credit cards to the travel card but not all cards are accepted by TFL.