Google Pay + Monzo rejected by Tfl after working for months

I’ve been using Monzo + Google Pay (with a Samsung Galaxy S10) to pay for Tfl fares for about 6 months. But today my phone was not able to unlock the gates at Tottenham Court Road station, and GPay showed “You cannot use Google Pay at this location at this time” or something of the sort. My physical card worked without issues.

Did anything change regarding the ability to pay for transport fares? Was it a temporary glitch due specifically with GPay? Using my phone is much more convenient, and I don’t want to go back to using the card.

TfL tend to block the card when a previous payment has failed. It could be that Monzo/TfL was having a processing issue at the time or you may not have had enough cleared funds.

I had more than sufficient funds. I’ll wait to hear if anyone else had the same glitch, and hope that everything works tomorrow.

Likely a glitch somewhere in the myriad of systems that have to all behave flawlessly for this to work at all. It really amazes me that this stuff works at all sometimes given all the points of failure!

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