Strange TFL transaction via Google Pay

I have Google Pay using my Monzo Flex card for contactless. The Flex is registered with TFL so I can see my history/charges.
Last sunday I used a bus in london (£1.75). The next day I used a train (£5). Usually you’d expect to see the money taken the day after the journey (presumably so they can handle caps). Here, though, I can see an entry for sunday in monzo for £6.75. This includes the line "30 april - transport for london requested £5). 30th april was the day after the train journey, which is when the money would normally be taken, so I guess this is ok, if confusing. In google pay (actually google wallet!) I can see an entry for the bus journey but with no value. At the top if says "this is not a receipt of a ticket. Your payment may not have been taken or you might have reached a fare cap. see bank statement for details). Well…what statement? There’s no price - how do I tie them together? Obviously the £6.75 one though, right? So… where’s the £5 (in wallet) then? Well! There’s another entry in google wallet for £5, with a time 2 minutes after I tapped in on the bus, for a car park! a car park in the general area I took the bus from, but which I’ve never spent any more in, or actually physically set foot in for probably years.

I’ve sent a message to tfl about this and perhaps they’ll reply saying yeah, that was us. Maybe they won’t and they somehow forgot to collect their £5 AND I’ve been coincidentally scammed the same amount at the same time. Perhaps google wallet has a bug and it’s just picked the car park instead of a tfl location for the transaction.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is this just google being its usual “it’ll be great when its finished” self and I should just get used to it?

I’ve not experienced this but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is Flex is not good for TfL travel as it works but has quirks to it that would drive me insane.

Have you looked to see what the payment and journey history say on the TfL website rather than Google Pay?

There’s nothing unusual on the tfl site. The entries there look the same as they do if you use the card directly.

Maybe they had a delay, so accumulated them together. The amounts match, so looks ok.

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