Google Pay not working in apps

I usually use my Monzo card with Google Pay. It works fine with contactless purchases in shops, but it won’t allow me to choose my Monzo card as a Google Pay option in apps. In both KFC and Trainline apps it allows me to choose Google Pay but in available cards Monzo is greyed out and says it can’t be used. It’ll only let me use my credit card instead. Any thoughts on what might be the problem?

You need to add your card under payment methods here:

Having a card added for NFC payments, doesn’t seem to add it to payment methods.

Thanks for your help although it is already on my list of payment methods as well

Out of interest how did you add your card? Through the Monzo app or direct on the Google Pay website/app

Have you recently changed your monzo card?

I added it via the Google Pay website

I received a new card a couple of months ago. I’ve used it to make Google Pay and online purchases since I’ve had it, it just won’t allow me to use it in apps

On do you see your old one?
Try removing it.

I had the same issue on Friday with domino’s although I just had a message saying none of my cards are compatible

I have my actual Monzo card on there and 2 virtual cards. Seems to be a monzo issue to me