Google Pay not working in apps

I usually use my Monzo card with Google Pay. It works fine with contactless purchases in shops, but it won’t allow me to choose my Monzo card as a Google Pay option in apps. In both KFC and Trainline apps it allows me to choose Google Pay but in available cards Monzo is greyed out and says it can’t be used. It’ll only let me use my credit card instead. Any thoughts on what might be the problem?

You need to add your card under payment methods here:

Having a card added for NFC payments, doesn’t seem to add it to payment methods.

Thanks for your help although it is already on my list of payment methods as well

Out of interest how did you add your card? Through the Monzo app or direct on the Google Pay website/app

Have you recently changed your monzo card?

I added it via the Google Pay website

I received a new card a couple of months ago. I’ve used it to make Google Pay and online purchases since I’ve had it, it just won’t allow me to use it in apps

On do you see your old one?
Try removing it.

I had the same issue on Friday with domino’s although I just had a message saying none of my cards are compatible

I have my actual Monzo card on there and 2 virtual cards. Seems to be a monzo issue to me

Did you manage to get this sorted? I am having the same problem I can’t pay for anything via my phone that requires me to approve it in Monzo. I’ve tried two different merchants one being Google play and it just won’t have it.

Monzo have an article on their support page saying MasterCard are having problems with Google play at the moment and there is no time scale for a fix…less than ideal. There is also no date when this artic was written so that could be a message from quite some time ago!?

I have recently got a new card…could this be impacting? I’ve readded in Google play activated my card etc. Don’t believe I’m missing anything.

The article is fairly recent, but what do you mean you can’t pay for anything via your phone that needs approval?

Google pay by physical places?
Online orders that you need to approve in app?
Google autofill in a browser?

Hi, thanks for replying.

Yes as I say it’s anything that requires approval in the Monzo app.
I don’t use Google pay in physical shops. I always use my actual card so that’s fine.

This is purely related to any online transaction whereby I have to open Monzo to approve and then go back to browser or app for it to go through.

It asks for approval…I approve it, then go back to the merchants website or app and then it says it has failed.

Does that make sense?

If the online transaction doesn’t require approval it goes through ok.


Yes that makes sense, it sounds like a separate issue not related to the Google play store one, contact in app support by going to the help section and searching contact us if you don’t see that chat button.

When it declined does anything show in the monzo app, or does nothing appear in the feed?

Certain websites will do this if they aren’t configured correctly.

I always without fail have issues paying off my Argos Card, I have to use another card to make the payment, as it fails at the 3D secure point. My workaround used to be to get a text sent through, but that’s not possible anymore.

Just an update on this. I continue to have this issue with the KFC app but no longer with Trainline which is odd. When it comes to paying with Google Pay my Monzo card is greyed out and simply isn’t a payment option and yet my other cards are. I’m not sure why Google Pay should vary between retailers.

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I’ve just had a glitch where I couldn’t pay anything in app. Everytime it took me to Monzo to verify the payment it would time out in the app I wanted to make the payment to and then loop back around to wanting to authorise the payment again.

Only workaround I had was to install the Monzo app on my Chromebook temporarily so that I could make the payment without a timeout.

Hi all, not sure if anyone has actually sorted this, but what i found out is that the account needs to be linked (this was on KFC) and i kept on looking in my account and I can see my cards and it works with contactless…but then this is what i did and it worked fine. So…as in KFC, when i did my order it says something like “no acceptable payment method” then it says at the bottom “go to G Pay”…so you go to Google Pay and you can see your cards…i even removed and re-added, then went back, same issue. But what I found out is that you need to go into GOOGLE WALLET…and its linked to your cards…BUT, in there you need to also add one of your cards into that wallet and then when you go back to KFC, it finds the card…i’ve had this problem for MONTHS…so hopefully it helps someone out (if not done already) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already got other apps working OK, and it now seems to only be a problem with KFC, which suggests a specific problem with their app, although it uses the same Google Pay and Wallet information as others. It still won’t accept my Monzo debit card but will accept non-Monzo credit cards. I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

I’ve just removed all my cards from Google and Google Wallet to resolve a payment issue with JustEat. I’d been using PayPal as a workaround for ages as was too lazy to manually delete my cards. Would do the active card check but then just refuse to even present the payment to Monzo, no decline notifications in the feed.

Anyways problem solved, payments are going through again :muscle: