Made by Google (hardware launch) event - October 4, 2016

(Saveen) #1

Google’s hardware launch event is on at 5pm (BST) today.

Live streaming on YouTube:

(Rika Raybould) #2

It’s going to be an interesting one. Google finally takes control of the whole experience under one brand.

(Peter ) #3

But will they compromise on the hardware price point - let’s hope that this perk doesn’t die with the Nexus name…

Otherwise, I’m excited to see what they’re cooking up. Especially given all the marketing that they’ve put into it!

(Rika Raybould) #4

Good to see Google still can’t stop project duplication internally, making Google Wifi even though they already have OnHub AND Google Fiber’s own router/AP combo. (Update: Looks like OnHub and Google Wifi will at least work together.)

Chromecast Ultra is a terrible name, a questionable price (Yes, I fully understand it has all the fancy 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, etc.) and killed the super cool Chrome design. Not sure why the entire lineup didn’t get rebranded in to Google Cast/Home/Made By Google naming. Cool to see the Cast app get folded in to Google’s Home app though, it was always a weird app that was only needed very rarely after setup.

The phone being £600-700 didn’t exactly surprise me living with iPhone pricing. Including unlimited Google Photos storage for photos and video taken with the device is a really good move I wish Apple would think about.

Otherwise looks like a fairly solid phone with the exception of the disappointing two years of software updates. Better than what my Moto X got but when Apple is supporting devices with day one updates for five years and I’m keeping devices for an average of three, I don’t think it’s good enough for the one flagship model, especially with the issues Google got in to with Android 7.0 on the Nexus 6. Made By Google devices really need a solid, long EoL policy similar to Chrome OS and Google Play for Education devices.

Despite that, if I was buying an Android device, this is what I would get. I value how generally solid and “boring” the phone is. Real care and attention taken to things behind the scenes and getting the basics right rather than tacking on every possible gimmick.

Super exciting to see that their quick charge implementation is just USB-PD. Would love to see everybody else follow to kill off Qualcomm’s QuickCharge and whatever OnePlus are doing. Even Apple went USB-PD on the MacBook and USB-PD over lightning on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Also good news.

(Peter ) #5

Turning on a new phone and not having to deal with a load of bloatware is the most underrated experience in new tech imo.

I know some people warm to the Samsung offering quite a lot, but I can’t help but feel a bit dismayed by them whenever I see a friend’s phone / try one out.

I complain about the pricing point, but realistically I’m going to be happy to go with a pixel / next-gen pixel when it comes to replacing my 6p. I may well be a bit of a sucker for Google, but it’s some nice looking hardware.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

I really want a Pixel! Haven’t quite made up my mind yet although a few others in the team have :stuck_out_tongue:

(Saveen) #7

Hey Tristan, apparently my iPhone 6 has 1 million pixels. I’m sure I can spare one for you :stuck_out_tongue:

(Leon) #8

I think it’s too much money when OnePlus 3 and other phones are available at a much lower price point.

As for Google assistant I am “meh” about it. I have used it with Allo it’s ok, nothing more nothing less.

The phone itself I don’t think it’s pretty in of itself and at that price…No no no! The Nexus series of phones traditionally did not sell at all well at a lower price point, so they have another go but make it more expensive! Oh Google! Shakes head