How do my friends use my referral link?


I’m trying my best to get hold of a card before I travel (rather soon…)

So, I’ve sent some friends a link and a couple of them are interested in signing up. How do they use my referral link? When they click on it they just get a page that tells them to download the app. It looks like that if they do that, then sign up, any referral link will have been lost in the process.



The link should allow you to input an email address. Use the one that you joined the queue with or if you have never used it before then you can download the app and fill in your details remembering to use the same email address. :+1:

I shall pass this on… but I don’t really understand?

So, I have downloaded the app, and joined the queue, and from this I can get a referral link which is

When my friend clicks on it, all that this gives them is a generic page which tells them to download the app.

My friend has now downloaded the app.

If they now use this to join the queue, they will be filling out their own details when they request to join. Where do they put in my details (my email address?) so that I get a referral bonus?


Within the sign-up process coming from a Golden Ticket, there is no concept of a bonus or having to enter the referrers details. If a Golden Ticket is used and top-up amount done by the new user, then another Golden Ticket will be issued to the issuer.


Tom he’s referring to the referral link queue jumping mechanism rather than golden tickets


That link worked - thanks!

As far as I’m aware there is no referral bonus, could you point me in the right direction?

If you are in the queue to get a card, referring people jumps you up the queue. I think it was 3 referrals before you got a bump but i think they got rid of that…

If you know someone with a card they can give you a golden ticket to jump to the top of the queue.

Happy to send someone my golden ticket from this month if you let me know

Thanks Archie but I’m sorted now, my card is already in the post!

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@colinramsay100 good stuff. Welcome to the club :blush:

Hi all

Did the original question get sorted out. I’m getting the same as the original poster:

Am i missing something?

Yes you are. Unless it’s changed, it doesn’t actually matter if they sign up or not.

Skip the queue… Give/request Golden Tickets here

Top drawer thanks a lot :grinning:

Hi all,

I have been given a link by my friend but I cannot seem to use it. Can anyone help?

Thank you.


Golden tickets have been temporarily disabled due to a backlog in card production - sorry :frowning:

You can find more information here:

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Thanks for the reply. I’m slightly confused. I was not referring to the golden ticket but just the normal friend referral to bump up the queue. The link worked with my other friend but not for me.

Thank you.

That is a golden ticket :stuck_out_tongue:
Monzo doesn’t have referral links per-say - they only have golden tickets which just bump you up the queue.

If it is the same link, they can only be used once and as I say - they are currently disabled.


Sorry I’m new to Monzo. I get it now. Thanks for clarifying the issue.

Thank you.

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No problem :slight_smile:

I hope you found the blog post I linked useful :+1: