Golden tickets

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Swaaag! Unique title of ‘Golden Ticket Distributor’? :smiley: On a serious side - nope, no benefits, just sharing Monzo love. :slight_smile: In the future, there might be some sort of visualisation or something, to show how big role you played in Monzo’ing the whole world - that’s probably very low on priority list for foreseeable future. :wink:


In order to stimulate demand, introduce scarcity.

Hold applications to generate a queue.

By introducing a scheme that gives some priority over others in the queue you get people talking about your product or service and generate more interest.

Clever marketing. Whilst I understand a gradual rollout of the current account, the prepaid card is fairly mature and stable and I don’t really see the reason, other than marketing reasons, to prevent immediate applications from all.

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there are still 30k+ people in the queue. with a limited number of man hours, it takes time to process the applications (believe they say it will take about 2 weeks to get to the front of the queue) meaning they are posting approx 2k cards a day.

Once the CA is fully released, I assume the cards will be sent directly from the manufacturer rather than Monzo stuffing envelopes


If it’s the case that this is logistics, and not just marketing, then it’s fantastic news for Monzo that the interest is still there for the prepaid card. I think it’s an excellent idea and promote it to many of my friends and colleagues.

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shows how hard the Monzo team are at sending out cards over time


That’s the current account. I was talking specifically about the prepaid card.

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Prepaid is on that spreadsheet (move to the next tab :wink:)


Yep. Got it. Thanks!

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@Avishai that is what I thought. I think giving users the ‘power of the golden ticket’ is actually an attractive offer in itself but by default this also makes them a brand ambassador. It would be nice to gain some kind of reward and/or appreciation, maybe once you have given out x amount you are given access to trial features to run new ideas or something?

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Monzo allows anyone to test, so that’s would be actually punishment for people, and not that good for Monzo as a product, in my opinion :sweat_smile: . Beta Monzo in Play Store is available easily, but I know there were some problems with iOS’s Testflight, cause all slots were taken. :wink:

I’ve done my fair share of Monzo marketing in my social circle and I think I’m good with just this, knowing that they are using Monzo, making their life easier, and my life too - for sending money over.

Hugo had a Sneak Peak on something that touches appreciation area, that you might be interested in. Worth giving it a read and adding your opinion in there as well!


While I wont link directly… Anyone with a minute or twos searching can find a signup link which ‘queue jumps’…

Also to the comments above about residency… Having just asked this exact thing about my wife, who is not British doesnt have utility bills in her name… Monzo said if she has the UK postal address, suitable ID, and can do the video proof… They are happy with that.

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Hi there community, could anyone tell me if there’re still those golden tickets available? i’m in the queue of 60k ppl that’s looks overcrowded :o would love to get it before my trip…
If anyone can send it over would be amazing.

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I’m afraid they’ve stopped issuing them. Full details on what’s happening are here:

Discussion on this forum of the blog post is here:

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Thanks, sorry i didnt noticed it.

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Golden Tickets have been in circulation for a while and have now been withdrawn (for the prepaid card). As such, discussion of this in the context of a Sneak Peek is no longer relevant.