Golden Tickets Are Back! 🎫

You get one at a time but you’ll keep getting them once you’ve used yours :slight_smile:

Also, just got my first CA ticket on android :grinning::grinning::grinning:


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Yeah finally got mine too :smiley:

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Shame I’ve got nobody I can invite :joy::joy:

Everyone I know couldn’t care less about Monzo :man_shrugging:


Yeah I ran out of people to convince :frowning: mostly family members who can’t cope with the idea of having multiple bank accounts, or people who can’t get an account with Monzo because they don’t have Photo ID.


Got one today. I sent it to my girlfriend but she said it’s gone. How it is possible?

There is an ongoing issue if you have sent it via messenger or whatsapp rather than by text.

Is this how you sent it to her?

If so I would reach out via in app chat.


Yepp, I sent by messenger. :frowning:

You weren’t to know. @BethS or someone from in app chat should be able to sort you.


I sent message in app. We’ll see if they won’t send me another I’ll send message to @BethS.

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Hopefully we’ve sorted this for you @Vfts

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Hi Beth S. I have the same problem. Sent ticket by WhatsApp but nothing happening after she’s filled in application correctly. And my ticket is showing as ‘Used’. Any tips on what to do??

Contact in app chat with your friend’s email :slight_smile:

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I got one, but then it vanished the next day. Do they have a time limit on how long you have to give them out?

Unless they’re tied to the notification - I like a clear history log, so I cleared the notification that I had a golden ticket.


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Tied to the notification :dizzy_face: if you want another, send me your email :+1:

@stumcdaid - if you haven’t got this sorted send me a message with your email :blush:


All sorted. Thank you!

Hey Guys - Does anyone have a Golden Ticket to share? I would be eternally grateful if so :slight_smile:

PM’d mate

@tristan - not sure if this has been suggested before, but similarly to how there was a map of the UK with current account growth, it would be an amazing visual to see your personal impact on the Monzo user base

i.e. A map that visualise your golden tickets and the people they have sent golden tickets to (anonymised of course)

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The ‘you have a golden ticket’ notification thingy is a trillion times better in the latest Android update. It’s much easier to ignore now.