Can’t see payment

I always get paid on the 16th from UC and I always choose to get paid the day before as it works out easier for me, I looked on my monzo today and I can see the upcoming payment which normally always shows up the day before?

Give it a chance.

My BACS payments usually show up about 8:30.

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Appreciate it’s a bad time to have to have to worry about not getting paid but it’s pretty normal for the payment to not be showing yet.

Give it until at least 10am and at that point if it’s still not showing up contact support in the app and they’ll be able help you.

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i had one instance it didn’t show the whole day however i still got my pay on the normal pay date

You can or you can’t see the payment? Your post says both?

Once you can see it, normally mid-morning I think, then you’ll have to wait until 4PM to ‘get paid early’

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