Getting HSBC to show in the Monzo app

I’ve had it setup before, but they timed out, and when I try to set them up again it’s no go. “Something went wrong” is all I get on the Monzo end, after successfully signing in to HSBC, picking the accounts and clicking though.

Working for anybody else?

I had an error when trying to reconnect my aqua account last night , will give it a go again and see if there is any change.

Edit: i still get the error message saying there is a problem , however the notice to reconnect the account has gone and it looks to be refreshing ok….

I cannot speak to today, so not particularly helpful I know, but I opened a new savings account in my HSBC account on the 27th and was able to immediately add it in my Monzo app (Android), so it is not a long running issue

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