Problems on Monzo?

I am going abroad tomorrow and have transferred money into my Monzo account. But the Monzo app has not registered it and I can’t get the app to respond to chat.

I need to know that the money has reached my account in Monzo. What can I do? Is there a problem with Monzo?

What’s the problem you’re having with chat? Won’t it open or no reply?

Who have you transferred from, was it HSBC?

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HSBC manual fraud check klaxon


Messages don’t go.

Transferred money from Lloyd’s

You should have had the monzo chat bot at the start and then a confirmation after your first message that it had been sent, but not subsequent messages

If this hasn’t happened then delete and reinstall the app and see if it works then

Thanks for your help. All sorted now. I thought the update to the new app was going to be automatic! I’ve been so impressed with Monzo up to now, but…