Get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposit! 🤑

Hi everyone :wave:

Another long-awaited, highly-requested feature is here…

You can now get your paycheck deposited into your Monzo account up to 2 days early! :tada:

Read our blog to see how to get paid early and how it works

How can I get paid early? :money_mouth_face:

  1. Set up direct deposit into Monzo
  2. You’ll get a notification with your paycheck deposit when it’s time for payday
  3. Tap the notification to view your direct deposit
  4. Tap “I’m in!” to get paid early

Alternatively, you can also opt-in to get paid early by tapping a paycheck transaction in your transaction feed. You’re only eligible to get paid early if your account is in good standing.


The public roadmap link in the post doesn’t work :frowning:

Oops! Thanks for catching that, fixing it now :pray:

The correct link should be Monzo USA public roadmap