Get paid early - as soon as monzo sees the incoming transaction

Would it be possible for the get paid early feature to be available immediately as soon as you see that the bacs transfer is coming through rather than at 4pm the day before? :grinning::grinning::grinning:

They can’t do this because up until 4pm the working day before, the payment can be reversed. After 4pm the payment cannot be reversed which is why it is only available from 4pm :slight_smile:


I understand why, but I sort of want this feature to exist just so it can be called “get paid even earlier”…

Exactly this :slight_smile:


This is a pretty common feature in the US regardless if it can be reversed.

Same for check deposit and making funds available instantly.

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The OP is from the UK not US.

I am aware, my point is it is not impossible to do just because it is reversable.

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Ok… That could be said for most topics on here as nothing is technically impossible, the question is whether it is worth doing.

I don’t believe it is and the US are hardly a good example of how banking should be done.

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If Monzo were to implement this idea, you can just imagine all the posts here and on other forums titled “Monzo stole ma muneh” if the BACS payment were to then be reversed


I highly doubt that as you don’t hear these types of complaints in the US in the rare instances check deposits are reversed or wages are reversed.

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You’re comparing two entirely different banking systems / cultures again that don’t match. The US do a lot of things with cheques whereas they’re far less common here - let alone being paid a wage paid by cheque.


We won’t be implementing it any earlier than we currently do.


What I would like, is to get Paid before Monzo Even Knows About My Pay.

What’s that, 12 months salary on January 21st? Yes Please



What, that’s ridiculous! What Monzo should do is build a Pay Me Even If I Don’t Get Paid feature. Maybe all those US payment systems/rules can be used? :roll_eyes: :rofl: