Get Your Pay Check early up to 2 days early!

I would like to see Monzo USA offers early credit (up to 2 days) for all direct deposits. Most of the banks including N26 and Revolut offer this feature.

Itโ€™s a great feature, and one that Monzo has recently rolled out to UK users, so Iโ€™d imagine it will come to the US as well.

BTW - Revolut isnโ€™t a bank.


Thanks for supporting this idea.
I have been banking with Revolut although it is a Fintech app like Monzo :wink:

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This early credit feature will make a huge difference in case of long weekend and holidays :+1: Of course, you need to keep a reserve until the next paycheck. :wink:

This would be really great!. Especially if it was enabled for all incoming ACH transfers like Monzo does in the UK with BACS.

I have never had a bank that did this in the US, so I am not sure if those that did treated all ACH transfers the same, or just oneโ€™s paycheck. I do know that they tended to be automatic and did not require any intervention by the customer.

There are many banks in USA offer this early credit for direct deposit paycheck.