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I’m only playing on regular difficulty, but I’m not averse to dropping to novice if need be.

Also finding it quite tough in general. I’ve obviously gotten far worse at games over the 20 years since the original came out.

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This week :eyes:

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I thought it was a good level of challenge and panic on regular :joy:

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@Lightning720 we kinda got our wish! But in a new game! Looks like an amazing Mario party experience tho.

Edit: trailer


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Zelda shmelda. Mario Party is where it’s at.

Great direct though. Bowed out with a biggie. Can’t wait for switch 2.

Finally, Zelda’s a girl!!!

Zelda has always been a girl.


I know.

I don’t get it then :saluting_face:

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I’m just playing with a near 40 year joke that the main character in a game called Zelda must be Zelda.

But we all knew that.

Samus is the main character in Metroid and she’s a girl :man_shrugging:.

Any fans of Beyond Good and Evil? They’ve done a 20th anniversary edition of it. Loved it back in the day, a fun to play Zelda-esqe game. Set it to download to my PS5 while I’m a work. Plan on spending some chill time over the weekend playing it…

Looking forward to this tbh


If it’s anything like train Sim, It will likely be a new route and maybe some new tractors, but basically the same same as the last game

That stands true for FIFA as well

Still, I’m not trying to take away from the fact that people enjoy it. I know those games are enjoyable.

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Think this one is built in the new unreal engine so might be nicer graphics


I think it’s just dawned on me why I enjoy Destiny so much. It has a lot of enemy types and factions, yet not a single one of them is a spider.


Is it free to play?

Apex is starting to get on my tets with the amount of idiots joining :neutral_face:

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More like free to start. Depends what aspects of the game you wanna play really. Story is locked behind expansions, as are some subclasses and raids, some seasonal content locked behind their take on the battle pass. And Dungeons have their own adds on you need to buy to play them.

This lists everything that is available to play for free:

It’s not a battle Royale game like Apex is though.

I do like a story.

Keep meaning to play Gears. Remember when I got my first 360 that was one of the games I first played.

I shall look into it.

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