Good adventure games?

Anyone recommend some, for pc or xbox one?

Been playing crash bandicoot n sane trilogy and it is awesome, the three original games remastered in uhd

Looking at getting the spyro trilogy next, anyone played it?

Yep played both didn’t really get round to finishing N Sane trilogy but I’m on Spyro 3 at the moment as I got the platinums on the other two and it’s really good fun and still feels nostalgic it isn’t over complicated as well.

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Can you recommend some more good adventure games?

Don’t like the look of Fortnite

The Uncharted series is really good fun if you’re playing on the PlayStation it really comes down to what you enjoy or would enjoy as there’s quite a few out but they usually aren’t for everyone.


Xbox or pc ideally, don’t own a PlayStation

Tomb Raider games are good and pretty cheap on PC these days ^_^.

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Yeah tomb raider popped into my mind, played it when number 2 came out

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Would recommend and say go for it =] once you’ve finished up with your other games.

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Witcher 3

Or Stardew Valley

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Uncharted series is very good if you not played I would recommend staring from the begin of the series. Tomb raider is good lots to do even when you finished main story.

Doom is a fun game fast paced easy to get in to.

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I used to play skyrim a lot, but then I took an arrow to the knee


Thanks guys
Been blasting spyro trilogy for xbox and really enjoying it so far

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I used to play this on the original Playstion and it was good then but now it’s even better better graphics and you get all of them.

Skyrim is good but you need time to play if you have the time to put in to it I would recommend it.

What do you guys think of the Nintendo switch?
I was considering it but it is really expensive

It’s a good family console and to use on the go plus it has some really good exclusive titles and stuff like that if the price is a bit much could consider a Lite only thing is you won’t be able to use it on a tv as it’s made for handheld use only.

Yeah it would have to be the pro version as portable is no use to me

So in other words the normal version as there’s no pro one out as far as I know and personally it’s the best of both to be fair ^_^.

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Best adventure games for the PC:

Day of the Tentacle
Full Throttle
Grim Fandango

The Monkey Island games

Oh, and Zork can be played through a browser now :blush:


World of Warcraft is quite good but you do have to pay a sub now. runescape Is a good mmo as well you don’t need a sub but it douse add to the game this one is the oldest but still fun.

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