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Logged in today to a notification that there’s now a first ever 12-player narrative mission called Excision. Is that what you meant?

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Yup! Timed that right. Someone literally just beat the raid 10 minutes ago.

So is that also the final campaign mission then?

Thought they’d have been two different things.

From what I’ve read I believe it will be yes. Apparently Bungie didn’t want the raid to be the end of it (as not everyone can/is willing to do raids) so they wanted to wrap things up with a story based mission. 12 players with matchmaking…LFG!

This mission is still only step 32 of 34, but more than likely the last two steps will be talking to people to finish things off.

I’m about to jump in, so I’ll give my feedback in spoiler tags once I’ve seen what it’s all about!

EDIT: I think at some point in the story so far, we’ve seen all/most of the clips from the launch trailer, except the one of multiple guardians transmatting onto a beach or something? So I’m guessing this mission is where we see that.

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Just played it. What a mission. And the ending.
I teared up a little at that. 10 years right there. The pay off more than delivered. Can’t wait to see where things go next.

Crow fixed his stupid haircut, I see! :rofl:

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Agreed. That was absolutely epic from start to finish. My only slight gripe was that if you have a non-standard shaped ghost shell, then the resurrection/Cayde sacrifice cinematic doesn’t match your ghost which felt a bit odd.

I’ve got to be honest I kind of thought this whole 3 Acts thing was going to be a huge build up to essentially the mission we just had, and that we’d actually defeat The Witness properly much later in the game.

So now I’m left wondering what on earth comes next?

Yeah I love that they specifically chose to address that after Cayde called him out on it at the start of the campaign. :rofl:

EDIT: I thought the way they added this mission after the raid, and actually made it part of the story that you may not have completed the raid yourself was a very nice touch. Including the entire player base in the finale while also giving the most hardcore players a decent raid was the perfect way to approach this. Bravo Bungie. :clap:

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Have you visited the Tower since completing the last mission? :eyes:

We’ll find out in a couple of days apparently!

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No? :eyes:

Better go do that!

I might be making something of nothing, but…

there seems to be a weird graphical anomaly only in the Tower that makes it look like all the guardians are made of light?

Looks intentional because when you switch the weapon you have on your back, the colour of the ‘light’ matches the damage type.

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Oh! That’s just how things look when the assets haven’t loaded in. Servers probably getting hammered.

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That was a bit underwhelming. Only 7 minutes long. My impression by the end was literally is that it?

For those whom The Final Shape is a stepping off point from the franchise, the end of the story (particularly after how well they’ve nailed it) I don’t think there’s anything there to persuade them to stick around. I don’t think the quality of the expansion will be enough for those folks either, I actually think that’s in detriment to keeping people sticky. They got a really good ending to leave with.

All we got is a very brief overview of episodes, and I’m not seeing anything different in that to the season formula. Just more of the same, only longer and more expensive? Hope my impression is wrong on that.

Beyond the first 3 episode we just got a tease of the project codename for 2025. We don’t know if that’s going to just be more episodes, an expansion, a new game or what. And I think that’s the question the community really needs an answer to.

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This is actually the boat I’m in. I’ve literally only kept my gaming PC around so I can finish off D2. The plan once the story wrapped up (which I thought was going to take months) was to then sell it and go full Mac as I primarily only use it for photo and video editing, plus all the usual browsing etc.

But with the story wrapped up almost immediately, and what’s actually coming over the next few months not looking particularly revolutionary, I think I might bring forward my plans for the OS switch…

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Aha! So there is a successor!

Can’t imagine much being announced considering Switch 2 is clearly coming soon. There seems so little coming for PS5 at the moment that I hope Nintendo gives me something to look forward to (although Xbox does have plenty, so not completely out of hope in terms of games later this year).

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40 minutes is quite a long one, so it can’t all be just indie filler, surely?

Tears of the kingdom DLC perhaps? Mario kart 9 (though at this point, save it for the successor)?

I think there’ll be at least one big software title here.

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I’m always hoping for some Mario Party DLC :laughing: seems like such an easy thing for them to do yet they just haven’t. If it was for Superstars, it isn’t even like they would need to come up with new boards either.

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Would love some Mario party DLC! Been playing superstars a lot lately with friends. I think more boards is what I’d want in terms of DLC though. Even just recycled classics.

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That’s what I meant in terms of boards. I want more boards added, and for Superstars, they wouldn’t be new, just recycled classics.

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A little off-topic for the thread but I guess it’s a “real life game”

Someone has a RC car setup that you can control (doesn’t work on iPhone)

Pretty cool imo

I never started it :rofl:.

Decided to get going on RE4 remake, and absolutely loving it.

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I got near the end of RE4 but there was a boss I couldn’t get past so I gave up. :joy:

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