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Destiny’s story kinda spans the last decade, and some parts of it are no longer in the game anymore (due to size), and the most recent expansions is the conclusion to that 10 year saga. A very good stick the landing sort of ending, mind you. Worth experiencing, but it probably hits harder if you’ve at least been along some of that 10 year journey.

It’s worth trying the free to play stuff, and if you enjoy the gameplay, definitely consider looking into the expansions. Not all of them are excellent, but I do think they’re all worth it, especially as they’ll all now be discounted.

Edit: there’s a brief intro that gets you up to speed here, and a longer one if you just wanna dive into the latest story

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I’ve spent way to much on Destiny 2… even to buy a Hoverboard Skimmer

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I feel like I’m the only guardian who didn’t get suckered into buying that! :laughing:

So tempting when I see practically everyone else use it. But the Exo Stranger is my favourite character, so I’m still using her sparrow from beyond light.

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Didn’t know you could buy them now! I managed to get the exotic one during the last guardian games which you could keep afterwards. I did wonder how long it would be before Bungie monetised it. :moneybag:

It’s been on Eververse ever since the start of guardian games. Part of a gjallerhorn themed bundle, 1500 silver.

I thought they’d have added more with The Final Shape tbh.

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Tuesdays are cursed.

Xbox Live core services have been down most of the evening. Just came back up, only for Destiny’s Xbox servers to not be available. :person_facepalming:

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Yeah yeah :joy:

It is nice mind you so it makes up for it lol

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This is why I like Nintendo. Because that is what Nintendo always try to do and almost no one else does.

Interesting that’s coming from Nintendo, Have you played Donkey Kong 64? There’s so many glitches the walls don’t even matter

No, but that’s not a first party Nintendo game. It was made by British developer Rare.

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Weren’t they second party at the time that was originally launched?

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I can’t remember what the arrangement was back then. I know Rare had a very close relationship with Nintendo back then.

I’d probably liken it to the arrangement Ubisoft has currently. Or perhaps the Pokemon get up. Gamefreak are a completely independent developer from Nintendo.

Nintendo’s role in those situations is just one of publisher and licensing. I think that would make them second party games, but Nintendo isn’t the developer there which is more my point.

It’s not to say Nintendo games are perfect, but they are incredibly well polished when they ship them. Not sure what the last game on Xbox is that I could say the same about TBH.

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Got Red Dead Redemption 2 some years ago for Christmas and finally decided to play.

Does it get better? I’m out the snow and done a few missions.

I’m literally in the same position as you. Out in the snow. Trying to decide if I should play on. :joy:

It’s a fantastic game. The snow is meant to be challenging – given conditions, the situation you’re in.

It does get better, that’s just like the learn area.

Probably too much in this game to consider to make it really good. Like feeding / building your horse. No ta

It’s not actually that bad. It’s far from RPG levels of attention needed. Bit like character stamina/health – if it goes down give it some consumables. Sorted.

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I’ll stick with it a bit, but too much open world never sits well with me. Dislike assassins creed for those reasons :yawning_face: