Game Of Thrones

Is it any good, worth a watch ?
I like;
Prison Break
Breaking Bad
Stranger Things
Series of unfortunate events
The Purge ( series & films )
Lost in space

I don’t like anything madly sci-fi ( Star Trek etc )

What is it based about, and is it gripping >?

So dragons, being able to change faces and an army of the dead lead by an icy bloke who is brilliant at javelin - not sure how that fits in with your list.

It’s about a lot of nudity and dragons. If you like someone they will die. If you hate them they will have a good run for a few series and then die. Random people in the background will die. The dead don’t die though


I like all the shows you’ve listed that I have seen (not seen Scream or SoUE)

Game of Thrones is goddam amazing and truly truly gripping. Think political medieval drama with elements of fantasy such as dragons and big wolves.

My fave TV show by far


I wonder if this was how it was pitched???

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Interspersed with a bit of gutting, beheading, incest and head crushing.

It has something for everyone :laughing:


We’re watching if right now. I’ve read the books a while back and used to watch the show until it went past the books around season five.

My Mrs, who loved Lost (except the ending), Stranger Things and Breaking Bad is really enjoying it, and she absolutely abhors fantasy.

My wife is the same. Can’t stand Fantasy shows or films.

When we first watched Game of Thrones, she was adamant during the first episode that it was shit. I fell asleep after episode 2, when I woke up in the morning she had watched most of Season! :rofl:

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Watched half the first episode and not enticed or impressed lol. Lots of talking, slow moving and not interesting at all. I guess each to their own

Gotta keep going… it’s building to one mega story!


Think it was season 3 before I was hooked


Bit like what happened to me with Lost.

Didn’t really get into it for the first couple of seasons… but season 3 onwards… I was hooked…

Keep going…

It is 7 seasons long and an hour per episode. There is a lot of build up but once you get past the first few episodes…

Episode 9 of every season is a big event…at least keep going until the end of then. At which point you might as then watch episode 10 and start season 2…

Thanks guys.

Forgot to mention " The Purge " series which i was hooked.
Can’t get into game of thrones it’s not my sort of thing.

Keep going…

Honestly…I know so many people who have said ‘nah, it’s not for me’ only to then say ‘bloody hell it’s amazing!!’

It is one of the only TV shows where I have actually sat there with my jaw wide open in shock. There are plenty of shocking moments both in terms of graphical detail and in storyline twists and plots.

I have read the books, so I am a bit of a fanboy, but it is a superb series and it just gets better and better.


Might give altered carbon a try on Netflix,

Also into " Curfew " on Sky 1, which is my sort of thing

Just seen the first ep of altered carbon. Loved it.

I think you need to re think this line :joy:

Altered Carbon (which was fun), is very sci-fi!

Perhaps you don’t like the old school “geeky” sc-fi?

Do you like the new(ish) Star Trek films with Chris Pine?

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(grumbling) bet it’s not as good as Game of Thrones


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Reason I didn’t like game of thrones is because it’s very samey to lots of films. I.E There’s a lord of the people going into battles etc, it’s been done all before.

I like unique and new ideas, stranger things, scream, series of unfortunate events etc