GOT - Who Wins? Who Dies?

So seeing as Monday will herald in the final season of GOT (excuse me a moment whilst I have a cry in the corner)…

I thought it would be fun to make some guesses on who wins and who dies and who might become a White Walker/ Wight.

Let me know your predictions for the end of GOT (well until the prequel show comes out).

Part of me thinks it’ll be a very dramatic ending where there are no winners, the worst ending would surely be the white walkers are beaten back, Lannisters betray them and win thus gaining control of all the kingdoms, but ultimately there is no one left.

I am preparing for the worst :cry:

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Oh I hope not! - I definitely expect some “Red Wedding” moments but I hope someone (dunno who - just not a Lannister) comes out on top.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Danny will die but just before will turn the Kingdoms into a democracy but that seems not dramatic enough :rofl:

If the white walkers win and this turns into an extended lesson about working together to overcome a common foe, I’m throwing the whole TV and set out the window.

I’ll miss the high production and amazing story telling (it’s basically a movie every time) but I don’t think my heart can take much more.

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Being from northern ireland where most of it is filmed and extras are from here etc etc I actually seen “a confidential email” about the final season and to be honest im shocked.

Hope it actually plays out like that


I think my whole flat will be demolished if it turns out to be some fable story like that!

At least we will have the pre-quell series to keep us entertained - although still not sure what those series will be about. I think the Blackfyre Rebellion would cost too much (too many dragons) - Dunc and Egg was spoken about but not sure it would catch on. Maybe the wars between the First Men and the Children of the Forest would be a good idea?

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I’m excited for the only battle which really matters: Cleganebowl.


My (current) prediction is it will end up with a three-way fight, The Mountain will kill Brienne, The Hound kills Gregor. Maybe one of them get’s wight-ed and Sandor gets chopped up.

For the throne, of course it’s got to be Podrick.


There was an interview with George RR Martin a couple of years ago when he said that Arya was safe as his wife loves the character and she would leave him if anything happens to her… but do we believe him?

I really really hope they do Cleganebowl.

Got a feeling Robert Strong is going to do some madness as they haven’t really been doing much with him since he came onto the scene.

The Hound has to come out victorious and become a knight or something.

This is the only correct answer :rofl::rofl:

Yeah I hope so, I do wonder if he’s imposing when he’s more of a menacing, messed up figure hovering around rather than actually fighting.

Surely they have to though, they’ve built him up so much…

Gonna fill this in tonight


I saw this and wanted to get my office involved but not enough people watch it :frowning:

What are your predictions!?

Lol definitely going to play this too. We should have a charity sweepstake on here or something.

I’d also add another bonus question though: Is Cersei pregnant or just manipulating Tyrion and Jaime to try and get them back to the “protect the family” mentality.

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I think Cersei is manipulating - only because of how correct Maggie the Frog has been on her prophecy.

What I wanna know is who is going to “choke the life from her” Tyrion or Jaime?

Pregnant but it’s the mountain’s baby

Well there is a fan theory that if she is pregnant, the child would technically be her “Little Brother” and could be the one who kills her.

Also mirrors that Cersei’s mother died in childbirth with Tyrion as well…

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Lol that would be a twist. Gunna be a messed up kid either way!

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Yeah I have seen something like that - but then Maggie would be wrong to say that she would have 3 children and “gold their crowns, gold their shrouds”.

Still a very interesting take on it!

Yeah I think all of the way through the series Cersei misinterprets the prophecy though and some bits don’t quite line up. Like the fact she was going to marry a prince but instead ended up marrying the King.

In any case, I really need to read the books. Like part of theory is the hands around the neck which is why Cersei starts wearing high collar stuff and she suspects it’s Tyrion so that explains why she hates him so utterly.

Either way, surely it’s a given that she will die in the last season though!

Maggie does tell her she will marry the King when she asks “when will I marry the prince” because at the point in time she was due to marry Prince Rhaegar.

So by saying the King she gets confused and just thinks it’ll be after he becomes King - but in actual fact it references King Robert’s rebellion!

Oh yeah 100% she will die/ be killed its just by who!?