Gambling Site - Cannot Withdraw, no 3DS

Hi all,

Just signed up to GalaSpins and deposited £10 with my Monzo (no in-app pop-up for confirmation of the payment - 3D Secure?). Won a little and so wanted to withdraw but the card wasnt in my available withdrawal methods. Spoke to LiveChat who said I couldnt withdraw because my card is not yet 3D Secure verified - I understood that it was the merchants responsibility to check that on depositing/payment?

Theyre saying I need to 3DS verify the card, anyone had any similar experiences or know how to resolve?

You could point the live chat to this 2018 link and see them squirm.

Have you passed account verification?

Maybe they don’t do 3DS on the initial deposit so that you can’t cash out straight away.

I had said to them that I knew Monzo was 3DS, that Id used the card previously where it had asked for verification! Seemingly having none of it.

Yeup - auto-approved.

I even tested another £5 deposit to check. Still no option to withdraw. Oddly I didnt get an app notification for that one (cant recall if I got one for the first deposit tbh)…

Speak to Monzo chat and see what they suggest

Where do I find that? I cant see it in the app (bottom of the Help section as its supposedly meant to be).

iOS v3.62.0

Search “contact” and it’ll be there.

I wonder if it’s some sort of delaying tactic in the hope you just gamble it and lose it.

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Thanks @Revels - found it now.

I dont know - LC simply said I had to withdraw via the bank. I trialled a £5 withdrawal and it was back within my account within 2 hours. Just a PITA.

I did matched betting for a while and this is very real with some fringe sites. Bingo and casino sites are the worst because they know the vast majority of their clientele will just put a bet on until the balance is 0.

The customer services will make things up like “3d secure issue” to make you go and put it all on red!