Any gambling advice?

I sadly developed an addiction about a year and half ago and during the process I’m around 3 grand down.
Sadly the block didn’t work so does anyone have any more advice?

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How did it not work - do you mean you are using other cards instead? What form is the gambling taking?

The payments still went through

More online casino

Message the Monzo Vulnerable customers team. They can do more things with the app, as well as offer help and advice :slight_smile: Far more than we can because we’re not professionals for starters.

I believe if you start an in app chat, you can ask to be transferred to them.


Is it also possible to report when these transactions get past the block so they could blacklist those merchants with the block.

Hopefully they can get this sorted as even 1 time they get past could put somebody back into addiction.


Thank you

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I was shocked really as 4 major sites just went past and I agree. 1 game hooks me on and I always chase my losses by topping it up then betting bigger and losing more.

The worst part was one of the casinos let me go over my loss limit and about a month after I complained they messaged back saying they’ve terminated my account and will not be refunding me since the loss limit did have a error but apparently it’s also my fault for attempting a deposit

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Hey @Benji123, thanks for reaching out for support with this - it’s definitely something our Vulnerable Customers team can help with!

Please message in app and ask to be put through to them. If there are online casinos that made it past our block, let them know and we can look into why this happened.

I wish you all the best moving forward and recovering from your gambling addiction - Monzo are here to support you as much as we can :heart:


Thank you :purple_heart: I’ve messaged them and got confirmation that someone will respond soon however it may take up to 12 hours to be get the first initial response from the team which is amazing :blush:
I’ve also provided the casino names and one of them was understandable why it didn’t process as it used Amazon Pay so it assumed it was a Amazon payment and then the other 3 actually used the same account to take the money from turned out it’s a parent company who runs all 3 and I believe they’ve adjusted the logo and reported it to the team for investigation

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Cute rabbit btw!