Fully monzo or not?

Possibly maybe looking into switching my banks over to monzo once i’ve got a house to myself, anyone here got any experiences in being fully monzo?

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It’s perfectly fine but I don’t see any reason to CASS and close your old account. Always good to keep a backup and Monzo does occasionally have acceptance issues (which I’ve had with Nationwide and Halifax as well, so not strictly a Monzo thing).


I use Monzo for everything and am a subscriber but i also have high street accounts in case i need to use cash or cheques or need reliable access to cheap lending facilities etc. I feel like it is just common sense to have more than one of something so important to your life so although i do all of my.day to day banking with Monzo and am no doubt a very profitable customer for them, i am technically multi-banked.

I feel ‘Full Monzo’ doesn’t really mean anything to me and no one should be full anything in the world of finance in this day and age. You’ll just be setting yourself up for being inert and ripped off or vulnerable to payment outages etc.

I cannot recommend Monzo more highly when it comes to day to day banking. BACS payments showing up early and direct debits being well organised and predicted is by far the best i’ve seen. Since i started a ‘recurring bills’ pot and linked the direct debits to it, i just transfer the amount it says after i’m paid and i do not need to spend a microsecond thinking about what’s going in or out or if i will have enough or too much left in there. It’s all sorted with Monzo.


There’s always going to be people on here saying it’s fine to have Monzo as your only account, and others saying it’s not.

Personally, I don’t trust any bank to keep a perfect service going for every minute of every day. When I’m out and about, I always have an alternative method of payment, but other than that, you will probably be mostly fine being full Monzo (whatever that means to you).


In addition, as Monzo is Mastercard, if you have another bank account ideally it would issue a Visa card.


I’ve been full Monzo since October 2018 !
Never had an insurmountable problem.

Perhaps I’ve been fortunate but can only speak as I find. So for me it’s all good.

Monzo can close your account with no notice as with any other bank. Always be prepared :smiley:. I made a similar topic to this a few months ago. I am still only holding one current account with Monzo and not had any issues

Where did you have acceptance issues at? I’d be curious to hear about this as it may help me to make a decision. Cheers - Stu

I don’t have any specific names but it can be an issue with old terminals where the merchant haven’t kept the list of “bank identification numbers” updated.

no, nothing against Monzo, I have my money spread across a couple of banks.

why? if something goes wrong with one, if you only have one bank account, you are stuffed…

I have Monzo only and now reducing my amount of credit cards too. I don’t worry to much about MasterCard failing. I even noticed Santander has now moved current accounts to MasterCard

I am full Monzo, I keep a Starling account for paying in cash at the post office and scanning cheques.


Same here !


It’s quite the perfect setup, if I do say so myself.

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Won’t be going fully Monzo, the new terms and conditions regarding the new fees has put me off from continuing

That’s exactly why they added them :slight_smile:

I am full monzo I have my wages paid in etc I also have barclays as a back up account I can scan cheques on it even though I can’t remember the last time I had a cheque and also pay cash in at the post office

Go for it. Have been full monzo (business and personal) with starling for cheques and post office. Love getting paid early. Even the thought of going into a high street bank sends me out in stress sweats😳

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Full Monzo over here :wave:
No accounts elsewhere (I am eyeing up Starling but not gone for it yet)

I get paid into my Halifax account and all automated bills are paid from it, my spending money is all transferred to Monzo and I use it as my day to day account and for short term savings in pots. Works well for me.