Full Monzo Badge

Can not get this badge as I can not work due to health reasons. At least not unless a miracle happens… anyway support can over ride this? Unfair to those like myself that due to health reasons or what ever reasons that they can not work can not get this badge.

Does not getting the badge have any kind of impact on your ability to bank with Monzo or otherwise?


What is this post about? I am #fullmonzo, and there is no badge. Also, #fullmonzo just means you use Monzo as your main bank - it has nothing to do with work. Lastly, only you see badges anyway - they do not affect anything in the app, and none of your contacts can see them.

Salary for this purpose is a BACS credit of over £200 (I think, I’m not 100% sure of the amount) so if you get benefits monthly it should qualify (depending on which benefit it is)

I think it is about the “Your Monzo” menu in the app, where you collect badges, and the last one is:

I consider myself full :monzo:, but I’m not planning on starting a account switch, I’ll keep my legacy bank account for credit history purposes. I don’t really care about the badge.


No harm to the op, but the overworked support team have better things to be doing than enabling this badge in the backend.


Yeah, I’m #FullMonzo if that means that Monzo is where my salary gets paid into and that Monzo is my main account for direct debits and spending.

But I don’t have the Full Monzo badge - I did an early partial CASS (RIP). To be honest, this is so hidden in the app it doesn’t really make much of a difference to me.

What does mildly irk me is the “get Monzo Plus” button on the accounts page. I still have an open complaint about that, so trying to upsell me there just smarts, tbh.


Where is this menu? Looks Androidy

Go to the new accounts/pots screen, then tap the cog. Then tap “Your Monzo”.

(That’s the Androidy method, anyway!)

No such thing in iOS I don’t think.

Yeah it’s on iOS too.



I really don’t like the gamification of everyday apps. It’s the reason I stopped using the Emma app. I’m glad Monzo are not pushing it but it is there in iOS. Lurking under Your Monzo in the settings page.

I haven’t got them all and I don’t really care…


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Where is it? It’s not in the place mentioned above.

Do you have the new layout?


good old A/B testing then

If the last selected account is my personal account then it does show up. If the last selected account is my joint account it doesn’t. Pretty poor really as the cog isn’t account specific and the UI doesn’t infer it has any connection to any type of account. Even more disjointed as it recognises I pay my salary in, even though that goes into the joint account.

Not great.

Ah I see. Does that not work with benefit payments then?