“Full Monzo” required for paying salary in?

Hello everyone, I opened recently a Monzo account which is my only bank account. I wanted to know if I have to switch into full monzo to get my salary paid in it or if just the basic monzo is working for receiving salary?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @winry You don’t need to do a full switch. You can just let your employer know your Monzo sort code and account number to have your salary paid in


which is my only bank account

“FullMonzo” is just a term we use in the community to say that :monzo: is your only bank account. So in this case you are already #FullMonzo! :+1:t2:

Technically there is only one tier of accounts and that’s the full, complete account - there is no basic account so you get the full one by default.

You can get your salary paid into your Monzo account by providing your employer your sort code (04-00-04) and your account number (available in the “account” tab of the app).


I been with Monzo for a month now…I gone full monzo. Going to get first wages in on Tuesday…it’s showing up today as pending to be paid on Tuesday with the amount due
Best decision I have made moving to minzo

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I see, I thought it was something different. Thank you ! :blush:


I see, Thank you very much ! :blush:

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I will see this. Thank you very much :blush:

I thought it was the term for Monzo to be your main account with your salary paid in but you can have others.

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I thought the same as well…I got a second account with Lloyd’s but I never use it. Only used it once in the last month to deposit a cheque or else my wages will be comming into monzo and all transactions thru monzo

From this post I believe that’s what it is

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Hello everyone,
I created a monzo account recently which is my only bank account and I wanted to know if I have to obligatory change to full monzo to get my salary on my monzo account or if just the normal monzo is fine to get my Pay ?
Thank you

“Going Full Monzo” is just the nick name given to people who use Monzo as their main bank account (so having their salary going into it, direct debits coming out, using it for day-to-day spending etc).

“Full Monzo” as a ‘product’ doesn’t exist - it’s just ‘normal Monzo’ being used to it’s “full” potential.

So, yes, your existing Monzo account is fine to have your Pay going into it and (since Monzo is your only bank account) you’ve already “gone” full Monzo! Congratulations! :wink:


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