Identifying those that are full Monzo

I was thinking that of all the discussions on the forums, people asking for help and advice and giving feedback that there is no way of knowing how much people use Monzo and what their experience with it is. I think it would be good to show this on each user profile in some way.

If I was new and I was asking for help or suggestions I would give more weight to the knowledge of those that are Full Monzo over those that use it occasionally. If you look at any discussion it isn’t clear if people are casual Monzo users, full Monzo or whether they have an account at all. I feel that this is important and would help people make better informed decisions.

Likewise this would help Monzo too when they receive feature requests for example. They could determine from responses if it is something that would encourage more people to switch or would more help those already using the service. Based on this it can help priortise things with their roadmap too.

I could give plenty more examples but I’m curious to know if other people think it is relevant?

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I think that’s what the numbers on your profile badge are meant to be for

Do you mean to the left of each post over your avatar?

Eg. Mine is a 3 because I waste loads of time on here and chat loads and you have a rocket so you’ve invested? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup :eyes:

How would this work in practice? I wouldn’t want my community account linked to my bank account to confirm how big a Monzo user I am. And if it’s self certify, I don’t think it’ll do what you want it to do… :thinking:


I’m not keen on this idea to be honest. I don’t think it should be forced on community users to disclose how extensively they use Monzo.

Related, I dislike that my badge shows I invested in Monzo even though whoever setup the forum probably thought it would be considered a perk.

In any forum I’ve used, I’ve always considered standard forum metrics (i.e. number of posts, number of likes) to be good-enough metrics to help gauge how much weight to give to an opinion.


This implies that if someone is not getting paid in Monzo (that’s the definition of full Monzo) then their suggestions would matter less.
What if they are suggesting features important to them so that they can go Full Monzo. I think community works quite well and everyone should be treated the same.


I don’t like the badge either I’d rather not have it.

Actually @simonb are you able remove these rocket badges if we ask?

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Unfortunately removing your badge involves removeing you from the group this badge is prescribed too.

Does the Investor badge give you special privileges? Is the private lounge real?!

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There is no group so it wouldn’t matter to me tbh

Nope no privileges AFAIK

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How is your trust level affected buy being part of the group? Tell you what if you don’t want the badge maybe monzo can put me in the invested group and take you out :grin:

Not that ever seen or heard. Sometimes a badge is just a badge…


The investor badge has nothing to do with any ‘trust levels’ it is just a badge that is allocated.

it’s the numbers that are the ‘trust levels’


So basically you want to pick and choose who you listen to, you can do that anyway.

Someone not using Monzo as their main account does not mean they don’t have the knowledge. It could mean they know too much about it, so don’t want to use it exclusively, or they get benefits from other accounts so don’t want to switch.

I’ve been with Monzo before it launched, don’t post of the forum that much, but according to you my opinion has no relevance, because I’m not full Monzo and don’t have a high number of the forum.

It’s a very short sighted opinion, to need to have markers on whether you want to listen to an opinion.


Also, if you have an investor badge, there’s no longer any indication of your trust level.

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A newcomer could have a badge and never post, if they post just once does that mean the should be trusted just because they have an investor badge?


the answer is obvious - trust none without the M



No not at all, you’re taking it too literal, of course everyones opinion is valued. I suppose it is just an extension of the current ‘basic’, ‘member’ and ‘regular’ badges which to my knowledge doesn’t offend anyone and nobody has said to someone that an opinion doesn’t matter because “you’re only a basic member”.

I just meant that if replies were split then it could help sway people either way and in terms of Monzos view. As a business it would certainly help with decisions if they knew that a new feature was in high demand from non-monzo customers as it would likely encourage them to switch :slight_smile: