Your Monzo Completionist

Alas, today I found out I would never Platinum/Complete the Your Monzo achievements as I haven’t got an account to CASS as I did it all manually :tired_face::tired_face:

How is everyone else’s Your Monzo Achievements looking?


This is where I would open a new bank account just to CASS it and get the points :expressionless:


Mine were all complete the minute this feature was activated so I’ve nothing to aim for :weary:

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You don’t get points so it is literally all for the badge and the tick :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: the opening a new account to CASS is becoming a serious thought :rofl::rofl:


I’m Full Monzo but never did a full switch. I contacted support asking if that box could ticked but they can’t do it :frowning: Forever going to be missing that final tick.

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There is a lot of discussion on this over here too :slight_smile:

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So far I’m missing:

  • Request money from a friend.
  • Split a bill.
  • Create a shared tab.
  • Pay salary into Monzo.

The salary one will be ticked off this coming payday. :raised_hands:

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I’m the same, prefer to switch things over manually myself. Will never have that final tick!

I kind of cheated with the request money one. 2 of us wanted to complete it so requested a penny from each other :grin:

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I may do the same. :sweat_smile:

I “attempted” a split bill with my other half - she just laughed and said “I thought you were paying” so I had to cancel it - still got the achievement though! :rofl:


Close enough! :rofl:

Thanks for making me look! :rage:

I’ve got loads of ticks missing because I use a joint account and (surprise, surprise) this only applies to my unused personal Monzo account. :roll_eyes:

Now you’ve got an incentive to use your personal account more :wink: Well done Monzo :grin:

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Well that’s definitely not going to happen. I have no use for it! Monzo should probably track these rewards based on the user rather than the account. :man_shrugging:t3:

Must Haz Cheevies! Lol! I’m with you on opening an account just to get the achievement.


Like you guys I did a manual switch over which was actually good to do an assessment of my DDs and SOs. All ticked but will never be complete but my HSBC account remains as I still have my Credit Card with them (balance cleared).

Hmm not sure if this was an oversight or intentional but I did use CASS but I did a partial switch back when that was offered so that I could keep my old account and manually comb through my finances to work out what I did and didn’t need.

The box isn’t ticked for me. Surely it should be?

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I used an old closed bank account to switch from and it worked. I got a message saying it failed but I still got the achievement of ‘starting’ a switch.

Partial switch doesn’t count because it’s not actually using “switch”

I did that earlier last year or sometime ago (can’t remember when) and it didn’t count.
I just did a full switch and now got the badge :facepunch:t2: