Frozen accounts in the Guardian

Just read this and freaked out. It makes me question how much of my money I should be keeping in my Monzo account.

I’ve also been discussing opening a business account with my business partners and this kind of publicity really doesn’t help.

Will there be a public response to this? Some of the accusations are pretty bad.

You could read the other threads about it and post in those.

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Oops, I did search but didn’t find anything, thanks

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It’s been mentioned quite a lot. Monzo have to abide by banking rules. There will be false positives but most of the people claiming to have done nothing wrong are lying.

It’s discussed in Monzo in the media, I’ve linked to the post about it

Thanks guys, can I delete this thread then?

Someone can come along to lock it can’t recall who that would be right now

Tbf i feel like a frozen account thread should be wikied.

That way its easy to see and point out to people when some crap newspaper reruns the same story pointing to the same fb group as the reason being they think loads of accounts are getting frozen falsely