Friends name is wrong after name change

My friend recently got married and changed their name with Monzo. In their app, their new name is everywhere and they’ve got a new card with their new name.

However, in my payments tab, their name still shows as their old name. We’ve tried disabling and enabling the payments with friends feature and updating their phone number and this hasn’t made a difference.

Any idea if this is a known bug or can we fix it?

What’s their name on your phone’s address book? Have you updated that?

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Yep, I’ve updated that too!

How long ago was the change made? If same day, give it a few days to settle across the board.

Their name was changed months ago, and I changed their contact on my phone months ago too.

If you click on the Payee you can click edit on the top right to reflect the new name.

However im unsure why its not done it aitomatically

Ahhh yes. If I click the “see payees” link then I can select them and change their name manually. Problem solved, thanks!

But, I couldn’t do this from the “pay someone” link. It’s also weird that this isn’t done automatically.

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