Friend not recognised as Monzo user

A friend signed up for Monzo a few weeks ago and has been using it since. I’ve had them as a contact on my phone for a long time, but now that they’ve signed up the Monzo app is not recognising them as a Monzo user.

I recently needed to set up a shared tab with them, but I couldn’t because of this. The only way I got it to work is by using the nearby users feature. However, now when I try to pay that tab I am getting “Something went wrong. Unable to verify right now”, which I can only assume is related to this issue.

Any idea why this might be happening? I’ve tried reinstalling the app, and turning contacts off/on in iOS settings but still not working as expected.

Ask them to check their Profile Privacy setting in ‘Privacy and Security’.


Their settings look fine - our other friends don’t have any issues with their contact, it just seems to be my account that has a problem detecting them as a monzo user.

The weird thing is I have their monzo account set up as a payee, and the app sees that the bank account details are a monzo account, but still treats it like it’s any other bank (no monzo features).