[Android] 'Pay Someone On Monzo' broken

‘pay someone on monzo’ section not working - gives error ‘person not on momzo’ when they definetly are.
I have tried force closing the app and reinstalling the app with no success. Payee (or not in this case :slight_smile:) confirmed they are still using Monzo (yay!)
Details to reproduce: Click on name icon of person i want to pay. Error message appears.
OS: Android
Device: Google pixel 2xl
App Version: 2.28.1

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this on my own device :thinking: (same app version)

I’d definitely try a different Monzo contact of yours, just to see if it’s all of your contacts or just the one :stuck_out_tongue: And then I’d head to:

Account -> Profile -> Settings : “Payments with friends” and ensure it’s enabled (maybe toggle it off & back on)

Hopefully we can figure out what’s up here :wink:

and presumably the person you’re trying to pay has "payments with friends " on ?


They may have privacy set on has i had same problem with me