Payments with friends bug

New Monzo users not appearing in pay with friends list.

Have a contact sign up for new account on an android device. Set up pay with friends. New user (on android) can see you but you can’t see them. If they send you a payment they appear. I’ve tried this with two new users, both using android devices.
iOS 13.1.2
iPhone 8

Link for further discussion…

Head to your iPhone settings:

  1. Scroll down to Monzo
  2. Toggle contacts ‘Off’
  3. Open Monzo app and head to Payments tab, tap ‘Turn on Contacts’
  4. Toggle contacts back ‘On’

Thanks. I’ve carried out those steps and I’m still not seeing the contact.

Hmm, can you send us a message in the app and we’ll be able to take a closer look at this for you?

Sure. You got a ticket number or something to reference when sending a message?

Just sent you a DM @JohnE :rocket:

P.s. No need for a ticket or reference number, just send a link to this forum post and whoever grabs the chat will see what’s been happening! Saves you having to explain everything twice :grin:

Thanks. Replied via DM and will post link to here in chat.

Perfect! I’ve forwarded this to our Troubleshooting team and they’ll take a closer look to see what might be causing the issues here :hammer_and_wrench:

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What was the resolution for this? I am not able to add known active Monzo contacts to a shared tab. My friends list says “None of your contacts have a Monzo card yet” (attached)

This is false, and I have historic payments listed on the same screen to Monzo contacts. I have disabled and re-enabled friends with payments, reinstalled, no success. Is anyone else seeing this issue?