Instant Payments to Monzo Users

I’ve granted the Monzo app access to my iPhone contacts, but the payee screen of Monzo says none of my contacts are Monzo users even though I know some of them are. These have historically shown, but seem to have recently disappeared. The Payment with Friends option is also enabled in Monzo app settings. Has anyone experienced this or have any recommendations on how to resolve the issue?

Do your friends have payments with friends enabled? If they’ve turned it off then they won’t show on your list

I did consider this, but I used to have twenty or so contacts showing in the Monzo app. They all disappeared at the same time, which makes me think that this isn’t the issue. In addition I have a mutual friend with a colleague of mine, he can see that person but I can’t.

Maybe revoke the permission and re allow ,

Or i would suggest a reinstall to kick start it.

I don’t have apple, but maybe you’ve blocked contacts in iOS settings for Monzo.

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Definitely worth checking this in settings - Monzo. If contacts is enabled them try resetting the session and go back through the process.

If this doesn’t work then deleting and reinstalling the app might force it to pull your contacts through.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have attempted all of your suggestions but the issue still persists. I’m now in conversation with Monzo Support.

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If possible let us know what the issue was.