Freeze card

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Just showing off the capabilities of my mondo card to a barman , - paid for drinks everything went through fine , I then said I could freeze the card to decline payments from card, tapped freeze card and the barman swiped my card for £3 which was declined and displayed in my feed as a declined transaction because my card was frozen immediately - so that worked, however trying to un-freeze my card I got a message saying internet connection problem with a big X on the screen, tried 3 times and got the same message - for some reason I tried topping up a tenner - maybe to see if internet connection was ok - and the top up worked immediately -then tried to un-freeze my card which worked.

Also - not connected presumably - when I have tried to make payments to other Mondo users over the past couple of days I haven’t been able to - I did change my pin number a couple of days ago and since then haven’t been able to pay other mondo users

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Hey @iansilversides, that’s annoying – sorry! Have you tried messaging @emma_mondo in the chat? She’s probably the best person to get this fixed :slight_smile: